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Wattpad Review: Whipped (Alegria Girls Series #1) by jonaxx


Entice Ralene dela Merced Esquivel owns Alegria.
Siya ang spoiled brat ng mga dela Merced. All her whims,
laging nasusunod. Lahat-lahat. Kaya hindi siya sanay na
may bagay siyang hindi nakukuha. Hindi niya nakukuha ang
atensyon ni Knoxx Montefalco. So she did everything to get
his attention. She was determined to make him fall so hard
for her. No one can stop her, even Knoxx’s friend. Kahit gaano niya pa ka alam na in love si Lumiere kay Knoxx,
hindi niya tinigilan si Knoxx. But then a tragedy shattered
her heart into millions of pieces. A tragedy she never thought
to be possible. Talaga palang hindi mo makukuha ang lahat ng bagay sa mundong
ito kahit gaano mo pa kagusto. May mga bagay talagang sadyang
hindi para sayo. There are loves you just can’t hold alone.
Loves who will drift no matter how tight you hold them. People
who just can’t be yours no matter how whipped you are.


This is a story that has always been recommended for me. I have this friend of mine that keeps telling me to read a story that is written by an author in wattpad called jonaxxx. At first I kept saying sure I’ll read it later but then it’ll slip off my mind and ends up not reading it. So as time goes by, I forgot about reading anything that’s written by jonaxxx. Until there’s this wattpad page I liked in Facebook and the majority of their posts are about jonaxxx and her (yes, she’s a she. At first I thought it’s a he but no it’s she) works. They posts about the jonaxxx boys and more. So I got curious and finally, I read it.



First thoughts of this story, it’s like I’m reading a Filipino pocketbook. Like that usual feels, narration and other things, it’s like a pocketbook. I know her stories are not about high school love and the likes. It’s actually the kind of story I love reading, the mature kind of love.


I was drawn by the character of Knoxx Montefalco, the hero. By how the heroine described him, he’s really hot and grumpy but seriously handsome. It’s a typical kind of men in the pocketbook worlds also in the books. Also, his character and personality are just the same with the other. Although the heroine on the other side, Entice Ralene dela Marced Esquivel, in the age of 18 years old she fell in love with Knoxx. At first, she’s pursuing Knoxx because he’s challenging and then she ends up falling in love with him. A certain tragedy happened and she disappeared, when she came back, it was Knoxx that was pursuing her.


As for the story of the book, it was good. Honestly, I didn’t feel so thrilled to the plot of the stories and the plot twists. But I’m really thrilled with Knoxx and Entice’s moments especially the parts where Knoxx would make Entice feel nervous, out-of-breath, and just deeply falling without realizing. He’s smooth, I can tell you that.


The twist in the story is not big though. It’s just –normal. And there are more narrations than dialogue. The dialogues feel like lacking. They express more in thoughts than in talking, which for me as a reader is sort of biased. The story was narrated by the heroine Entice, and from the way she narrates the whole story, it’s like the other characters’ side are all a mystery but hers. But then on the last chapter of the book, it was Knoxx’s point of view, he narrated the last. That’s where everything revealed. Wow, the thoughts of Knoxx about Entice. I could say it’s my most favorite of all.


All in all I was drawn to the story because of the moments of the hero and heroine but not to the story itself. I’m not disappointed that the story didn’t reach my expectation because I’m not really expecting that high.




Rate: 3/5


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