Diary: Vacation is Ending. And I’m Having a Hard Time Breathing

It’s amazing how in just a small amount of time, a lot had happened that could change someone else’s life in a blink. Who would’ve thought that in a span of four months, these things already happened to me and it caused me and my family’s lives to change.

Our school system has been changed into a new system called the K-12. All the school in our country used to have six years in grade school, four years in high school and then four or more years in college. With this, most students enter college in the age of 16 or 17. And the start of school is always in the month of June and ends in the month of March of April. But this year, it changed. They change it. They change it to K-12 wherein there is a 7th grade and so on. And the school starts in August instead of June. Because of this, I have a four month vacation to follow the new school calendar in the country; to follow the new educational system.


I thought my four month vacation will be boring and just like the usual. But I was wrong. I was very very wrong.


Our school ended on the third week of March. And on the last week of that month, I didn’t do anything special. On the month or April though, that’s when it all started. On the month of April, I decided to apply for a summer job. Unfortunately my father didn’t allow me to have one. But I still want a summer job, something that could keep my summer from being boring. So I ask some of my friends where can I have a summer job online. A certain friend of mine recommended me a site and it was a legit so I applied. It was all good, a certain client hired for a job of article keyword writing. I was working all serious and put all my efforts in that job until I found out that I was being scammed. The client’s name wasn’t her real name. And she used me to write articles for her so she could pass it on a certain site under her name. The half of the month of April was me being scammed.



The other half is worse. April is my birth month. Though I am not excited because I know there will be no extravagant celebration, I am still thankful that I survived yet another year of my life. We did celebrate, we went out and eat on a diner just in front of our house. Of the entire diner there is, I think this is the only diner that actually have a solemn atmosphere. It’s crazy but it’s unique. So we celebrated my birthday there. Then by the end of the month, something happened. We are just renting the land where our house is standing. And by the end of April, the owner said he want all of the people renting to be out immediately because he will use the land for something else, something big. But we didn’t immediately vacate the area because we have nowhere to go. It’s the only house we have. My father did everything to ask for a little more time just so we could find somewhere else to move to but the owner didn’t let us. He threatened that if we won’t vacate immediately, he will kick all of us by force. And he did. No one left the area so the owner sends someone to give a sample of his force. And it was the main reason why we immediately move the moment my parents found a new house.


Because of what happened, I felt something that I know will change me forever. I promised to myself that as long as I live, I will make sure that even the last member of the clan of the owner will know what their precious grandfather did to a lot of families because of his greed of his land. I know it’s not good to hold a grudge on someone but that person change our lives and the life of my father to be specific. And I will never just shrug it off.


We move in our new house on the first week of May. The house is smaller than our house before. It’s so small that most of our furniture didn’t fit inside the house so we put them in the house of a family friend who happens to be our neighbor now. The only furniture that could fit inside is our fridge, two long chairs, our dining table, and a couple smaller cabinets we have. We don’t even have a bed inside the house because it won’t fit at the door. Good thing one of the two rooms in the house already have double-deck bed and that’s where me and my brother is sleeping now.



As long as we’re complete, it’s home. -@violette_jannin


The whole month of May is unpacking month. It was so hard to unpack because we only have limited space. Our clothes won’t even fit in the small cabinets so mom told us to just pick three or four pairs of shirt and short and two or three pants and blouses. Even our shoes! I only have one pair of shoes out, a pair of boots, two pair of sandals and a pair of slippers. That’s all I’ve been using for four months now. The rest of our clothes and shoes are on the other house with the rest of our furniture. My books stayed inside a box for three weeks because I don’t want them out of it and catch dust. Good thing mom found a small cabinet for me and I made it my bookshelf.


Wider and bigger shelf! -@demigod_reader


In the month of June, I started being active on my Bookstagram again. I tried posting and interacting to other bookstagrammers. I was so happy for the distraction. Also, in the month of June, I drown myself with books. I kept reading and reading and I even started a new story. I was thankful for the distractions. I would stay all night reading until I fell asleep and then read again the next day after working the chores. Books became my escape, my distraction. There are nights that I don’t want to sleep because whenever I tried sleeping, my thoughts would wander on the things that had happened on the first months of the summer vacation. And it’s not helping me. So I read. And read. A book is the only friend I have, the only thing I turn to. My friends were too busy enjoying their summer and I don’t want to talk my problems to them and ruin their vacation. So I didn’t reach out to any of my friends except two of them. The only people I really trust. Although they weren’t there for me to hug me and comfort me, they were there to remind me that everything will be okay and they keep the smile on my face. And I am more than happy that I met them. I am grateful for them.



On the third week of June, I created my blog. A blog where I can post all my book thoughts and other thoughts just like this one. By the end of June, I already have three active blogs because I’m crazy like that.

(Here’s the link to my other book blog: The Booknerd Corner. Here’s the link the other one Booknerd Demigod. All are now active)


And on the third day of July, I received my first ever eARC. And I couldn’t be happier.


Now, it’s in the middle of the month of July. And here I am, sitting on my bed on the upper deck of the double-deck bed in our room writing this blog post. My first ever blog post in the Diary section.


Our enrollment will start this Monday and our class will start on the 8th of August. Although it seems like we still have long before classes starts, I want it to start already. Because school means distraction. I want to handle a problem that I know I can solve rather than a problem where I don’t have any idea how to solve.


Those four months change our lives. A lot had happened. And it’s actually good to have it all out even though it’s in a form of a blog post. At least it’s now out.


Thanks for reading until here. God bless everyone!


~JC out~

4 thoughts on “Diary: Vacation is Ending. And I’m Having a Hard Time Breathing

  1. That four months summer vacation is really cruel dzai. It also happens to me, though its different than yours. Sometimes, it makes me think that what if that summer didn’t happened? What will happen after? But really, reading your diary post is so refreshing to me dzai. Being so openly to this things is a thing that I cant really dare to do. Anyway, lots of love and happiness to you. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dzai! Omg. Nasaag nsad ka dnhi.. xD Anyway, yeah, it really is cruel dzai. And I wonder that a lot. Because if that summer didn’t happen, well, we’d still be where we were before that. I mean, I would prefer those than what’s going on now. Alas, we can only move forward. And thanks dzai! 😀


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