Why no post?

Ola, peeps!!



It’s been so long right? Is it?


My last post says 24th of August so it’s long for me. My apologies for not posting reviews and other book blog posts for these past few weeks because I was so busy in doing school stuff!

It’s been a month since school started and I’ve been really busy. I wouldn’t be if I wasn’t elected as our class’ president. Though I like being a leader or taking control, I hate leading my class section. Sure they are all good and sometimes cooperative but most of the time they all have leader-like minds so we don’t work that well. So yeah, I was busy being the mother of my section as I always was when we’re still in our first year.


Also, the main reason why I haven’t been posting was because we were assigned to do a replica of an ethnic house as part of the celebration of the History Month in our university. Because we need to build a house, I always got home late and really tired. So there were no posts. When the house is finally done, there were quizzes and exams. Talk about a stressful month!




And although the house building is already done and we’re already graded about it, there are still more exams because our midterm examination is coming. Now I’m stressed to the roots and tired.


But! Even though I’m busy and stressed and tired, I still try reading my long list of TBR! Even with the littlest spare time I have, I use it to read my books. No, I’m not reading my books first before studying. I study first before I read my books. I’m a good student after all. I’m trying to get my scholarship back so I really need to do my best to get it back! (*cue dramatic background music*)


So yeah. That’s my life as a second year college student. Maybe you’re all wondering why I’m so busy even though I’m still a second year. Trust me, my course and the university I’m studying to will keep you really busy you’ll surely have a lot of dark circles under your eyes.


Please bear with me, peeps. Though I’m busy, I will still do my best to write reviews whenever I finish any of my current reads. So keep in touch! I’m maybe not posting anything but I always check my notifications and my Instagram and Twitter accounts to talk with some of you peeps. Don’t hesitate to approach me if you want to talk to someone. Even though we don’t know each other, I could still be your friend. Let’s know each other better.


Thanks for understanding, peeps! Hope to talk to you even more soon!! Love ya all!





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