ANNOUNCEMENT: Not Accepting eBooks at the Moment… Why?

Hello my lovely peeps! How are you all doing?




I’m doing great despite school and other stuff.


I have a small announcement to do. As you see in the title, I am not accepting eBook (ARCs or whatsoever) at the moment. Why? Let me tell you the story.


When I was still young, I used to read books and never tried reading something in a phone. Even when smart phones started dominating the world, I still read in print and not in phones. I just started reading on my phone when I was in my second year in high school. Since then, I started reading both eBooks and printed books. It was good at first. Smooth sailing as you would put it. I never had any problems with my eyes, my sight was pretty clear and accurate before until I reach my second year of college –which is right now.


My sight started blurring and my not so painful headaches became unbearable. That’s when I figure out that I’m starting to have problem with my eyes. I know in myself that it wasn’t just reading books in my phone, it’s also the times where I surf the net using my phone, checking my social media accounts and all, and it’s also the fact that my course requires me to face at least 3 hours in front of a computer.


So right now, I can just read something near me even though it’s not as clear as before. And I couldn’t see people’s faces fifteen meters away from me which I could before, clearly. I’m having a hard time because of it. I couldn’t read letters and words that’s just 5 or so meters away from me anymore. And I don’t want anything to happen to my eyes. I love reading so much, peeps, that I couldn’t afford to ruin my eyes because of something that I really love.


So as of the moment, I won’t be accepting any more eBooks, eARCs or anything that requires reading in a phone or in a computer. But since there are those books where I already gave my word to read and review, I would still read those and then review them right after. But then again, all those upcoming requests, I need to decline them.


I feel bad. Seriously, I do. I wanna help authors spread their books to my other fellow book loving friends, but I don’t want to risk something so important to me in return. I wouldn’t be able to read your books and review them if ever I go blind, right?


You could still send your request to me but I won’t promise or assure you that I could read and review it soon. If you are willing to wait, that’s awesome but if you’re not I understand. And if you are willing to ship a printed version of your book to me, even if it still doesn’t have a book cover, that would be great and I could guarantee that I would read and review it as soon as possible.


And given my situation, I would need to lessen my time on my blog, my twitter, my instagram and other things that requires phone –aside from texting and calling that is. This is what hurts me most. I love blogging, tweeting, and hanging out in instagram with some of you, peeps! You know that. But then again, I love my eyes more so I need to sacrifice.


I hope you all would understand.


Like I said, you could still send review request to me to boost the review count of your book and make it known but if it’s in eBook format that could take a while.


Thank you so much for reading till here. I would still be posting book reviews, don’t worry. Just book reviews from my already long TBR list of printed books. Hehe.





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