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Book (-ish) Reaction: The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical



Does anyone know about this thing going on about Percy Jackson????????? Does anyone???? Because I didn’t and I was so shocked to see that Uncle Rick uploaded a photo announcing that the Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s first book, The Lightning Thief, is being adapted into a musical!


I was like…



Well, that’s my reaction inside my head. My actual reaction is this…




Yes, that’s my actual reaction when I found out. Like really? And I’m having this reaction while standing in queue for my enrollment process. There were a lot of people around me and I just gasp and like gasp like I sucked in a huge breath so loud that my friends was like, “What happened to you?” but not really. xD



Seriously though. I didn’t expect the Lightning Thief to be adapted into a musical. Though I was kind of still hoping that they would continue the movie adaptation even just for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series only. You know, like they’ll have a movie adaptation of all the five books although the movie of the first book is way too far from the book.


And oh, I almost forgot to mention the actor who will be playing Percy Jackson.


Chris McCarell!


Chris McCarell                                                                           (photo from Google Images)


I would say he is good looking! xD


But he doesn’t have sea-green eyes! And my brother Percy has sea-green eyes! Though his voice is good. There’s already a video of him singing the song “Good Kid” that would be included in the musical.


If you want to hear the song click here or the picture!


The musical will begin playing this March 23rd. If you want to know more about this news, click here.



Okay. So that’s pretty much my reaction about this news. Yes I am shocked but I’m also happy that the Percy Jackson books are not being ignored or forgotten. And there are still fans who still want to see this book shine in any kind of entertainment. I am hoping that the musical will not disappoint the fans (me included!) like the movie did. I am really hoping. Though I can’t watch it live, I am also hoping that someone out there who got the chance to watch will film it and upload it on Youtube or anywhere free! If you, peeps, happen to have watched and filmed it, please tell me. 😀 I’m not from there so please understand. Haha!


Anyway, thanks for reading up to here! Love you all!!!






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