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Three Pop Culture Cars I Really Want to Own or Take a Ride In

When Turo, a car rental company, inspired me to create a blog post about my dream cars that I would love to drive from pop culture there were only three cars in my head.


But before that if you, peeps, don’t know what or who Turo is, they are a car rental company that has great deals of cars to offer you! One of their cars is the Ford Escape Aviato! If you, peeps, are interested in renting a car, go visit their page!

So now let’s go my three pop culture cars I really want to have or take a ride in if I can’t have them.



  •  Convertible Audi R8 Spyder from Fifty Shades Trilogy/Fifty Shades of Grey Movie



Now, I fell in love with this car because of Christian Grey. So I really want to have this or take a ride in it with Christian! Omg! That would be a dream come true!



  • 1967 Chevrolet Impala from Supernatural Series



If you, peeps, don’t know I really love the Supernatural Series. I’ve binged watch it last year and I manage to catch up with it up till the latest season. The Impala is one of the long lasting characters in the series aside from Sam and Dean themselves. So yeah. There’s just so many memories in that car that I want to know the feeling of riding it.



  • Porsche 996 Motorcar from Sally Carrera of Cars



Because Sally is somewhat a badass leading lady of Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. And I just love cars like her. Like you know, if I ever have a car for myself I would buy something like Sally or the R8 because I love those kind of cars.



There you have it, peeps! My pop culture dream cars! Haha! Those where the only three that pops inside my head when I read the pop culture cars.


What about you? What are the pop culture cars you want to have or take a ride in?




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