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Book Blog Tour (Review): Seasons Within by Lele Iturrioz


Title: Seasons Within

Author: Lele Iturrioz

Date Publish: December 15th 2016

Publisher: Acom Publisher

Goodreads Rating: 4.4

Synopsis (Goodreads):

Most teenage girls know their name, where they came from, who they are. Not G, a beautiful redhead with unusual markings on her wrist. She gets her name from a silver locket she keeps around her neck, unaware the engraved letter “G” on its front holds the secret to her past.

G’s life before the age of six has been a mystery to her. Each night for the last twelve years she’s been haunted by the same nightmare—a war. Horrendous beasts, warriors able to wield the four elements, and a boy who saves her by means of blue fire taunt her memory. But on her eighteenth birthday, G’s life begins to unravel. When she meets her new Chemistry professor, a man with an uncanny resemblance to the boy who saves her, she knows there must be more to her dreams.

It’s dangerous not knowing who you are, what you’re capable of, and what future awaits you. Especially when the darkness that slaughtered your entire world, just found you.




Ola peeps!

Here I am again with yet another review of the book Seasons Within by Lele Iturrioz!

First I want to thank Xpresso Book Tours for giving me a chance to read and review this book. It was great! Let’s start the review!

You know how I love stories that have elements in it. May it be books, TV series, or even movies so long as it has the elements I’m in for it! It’s one of the reasons why I signed up for the tour of this book. And I’m glad I did.

The story is about a powerful princess from another place who doesn’t know that she’s a princess because her memories and powers are being contained by a necklace. She’s living a normal student life until one time her necklace got broken and all hell breaks loose –literally. Her powers emerged and her enemy started hunting for her again because she’s now exposed. But she wasn’t alone because there were people that she met from where she came from and explained to her who she is and what she is. Then they’re on a run from the enemy. Along the journey the princess started training her powers all the while figuring out her feelings about everything and a certain someone.

There’s only a few I could say to this story about the things I hate. I love the plot, I love the twist, I love everything else but the character of Edan. Seriously. I really don’t like how he treats G. At first I thought it was just because he’s pretending to be someone else so I kind of understand it. But then as the story goes on and all things are different now he is still the same, mean and sometimes arrogant and sometimes douche-y. He’s the only lead male character that I don’t like. I like Donovan more than him and all the other male characters because they’re not mean. Though I know that there is a reason behind Edan’s personality, it still didn’t change that he’s mean. I think if the author somehow reveal glimpses of Edan’s past, I would totally understand why he is the way he is.

I love how the story goes. It has the right amount of humour, and action. There’s little of romance which is kind of good for me because it really focuses on the plot about knowing who G really is and what she can do. It’s about her and her past and who she will become after a year.

The whole set of characters are also good. I like all of them except Edan, you know why. I like that most of them are badass and awesome in fighting. Seriously. Not to mention their unity when it comes to fighting and protecting G. That last part where they somewhat combined their elements to shield themselves from G’s super power outburst is awesome! Really awesome!

I like how G value everyone in the gang, how she treats them as her family. She cares for all of them as she always should be. And sometimes even though the gang always say that they will protect G, sometimes it’s G that protects them in a way that I can’t explain.

The story is good. The narration is also good cause it’s narrated in a third person point of view. And because of that it shows everyone’s side. Even the side of the enemy is being narrated. There’s no secret in it except to those meant to be kept for future books. But I have to point this out; there are still some typos in the book. I think the publisher and editor of it should edit it thoroughly. Aside from that, the book is smooth and great.

The ending of the book got me in a hangover. After reading the last word of the book I immediately went to Goodreads to search when the second book will be publish only to find out there’s still no second book uploaded in the author’s page in Goodreads. Like, why?


I want to know when the second will be released and maybe read the blurb of it. I can’t get enought of their adventure. I really hope that when the second book comes out, I’d have the chance to get my hands on it.


That’s all for this book peeps. If you are the kind of reader who loves elements, fantasy, humour, action, and an irritating love story this book is perfect for you. I can’t wait for the second book of this!








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I’m the author of the YA fantasy  series, Seasons Within

I spend my time writing,  planning on  writing, reading, drinking coffee like there was no tomorrow, MMA and chilling with my friends and loved ones.


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  1. I can’t get over your review! It’s awesome and really funny – loved the GIFs. I’m glad you liked the book 🙂
    (Sneak peek… A big part of Edan’s past will be revealed in the next book – September, 2017)

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