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New Name, Same Blog

Ola peeps!


So if you have noticed, I changed my blog name! 😀 Yes! Well, I didn’t really changed it I just kind of like added a third word like I said on my Sunshine Blogger Award post.

I have been thinking of doing this for a while now because the name The Booknerd seems so boring to me. Like it doesn’t sound interesting at all. So I decided to add a word or two. But I was stuck between Mermaid and Dragon. I love mermaids so much I was practically sure I was a mermaid in my past life if they only exist. But then I also love dragons.


So I asks my friends and classmates to pick one and most of them picked dragons. They said that mermaid is a little girly and feminine for a girl like me, who don’t know how to be feminine some of the time. *peace*


That is why I changed, or rather added dragon to my blog site name. So I was The Booknerd before, I am The Booknerd Dragon now! 😀




I will try to keep my graphics a little dragon-ish than the ones I used to use, the watercolor kinds. I love watercolor too so maybe they will pop out from time to time. And there will be a lot of Toothless!


Anyway, I just want to inform you peeps about this because you might get confused because I also changed my blog’s url. It was thebooknerdweb before but now it’s thebooknerddragon. So I hope you won’t get confuse or something.


Oh, and special shout out and thank you to Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews for suggesting the last part of my new tag line! Haha! Go check her blog, peeps! I always say that on my posts nowadays.



If you’re on Bloglovin, follow me there! I’ll follow back! 😀
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Thank you for reading up to here! Love you all! 😀




4 thoughts on “New Name, Same Blog

  1. Hello there! It’s hard to come by anything interesting on this topic (I mean something that is not overly simplistic), because everything related to 3D seems very difficult. You however sound like you know what you’re talking about 🙂 Thank you for finding time to write good content for us!

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