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Hiya peeps!


I want to thank Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews for tagging me on another great book tag! 😀 Check out her blog peeps! It’s a royalty blog!


Well, I’m still taking most of these subjects so I hope this tag helps on my studies. Haha!

Let’s start!



Math – A book that left your head spinning in circles

See my review


See my review


These books seriously made me go back a couple chapters to get things clear. Took me a while to get it but I do get it. Just like math. (Trivia: I hate math but according to study and the tests I take, I’m supposed to be good with math and analysis. Just no.)



English – A book you think has beautiful written expression


Well, I think most of the books I read has beautiful written expressions. Unless, of course, I say it in a review that it has none. 😀


Physics – Your favorite scientifically minded character from a book or film


As you peeps notice in this blog it doesn’t have that much sci-fi book or any science connected character so I’m gonna choose a film or series.


Cisco Ramon from The Flash (CTTO for the photo)


That’s pretty much self-explanatory. 😀



Chemistry – Your favorite literary couple

Photo by Viria

I was thinking a lot of literary couple in this part but I’m gonna settle with the very first couple that I loved ever since. And seriously, I love this couple a lot. (I’m proud of you Bro Percy! I want Annabeth as my sister-in-law!)



Biology – Your favorite book/series/film character


Now this is hard for I have so many. 😛

For the man,

Photo by Viria

What can I say? He’s my favorite.


For woman,

Photo from

Yes. Her too.



French – Your favorite foreign book/film/program.


Well, most books (and I meant most I mean 90% of the books in my shelf) I have are foreign because I don’t buy any other books but foreign books. Haha!


But here are some of my favorite foreign films and series.


This is a Bollywood movie. This movie is so freaking good! You peeps should check it out! And don’t worry about watching the 1 and 2 because this movie is a standalone movie that is just part of a series or franchise. Lol. I haven’t watch 1 and 2 myself. 😀


Korean Drama! Who doesn’t love Korean Drama? But this one is my favorite. It’s the only KDrama that I managed to finish because it didn’t bore me. Haha! Plus the main female character is Yoon A from Girl’s Generation! (I’m a Soshi so that explains it. :D)


Yas. I love this series so much. Me and my brother binge watch the eleven seasons in a month or so. Haha!



Art – Have you ever judge a book by its cover, even if you didn’t meant to?


Duh? Who doesn’t? I think its reader’s nature (human nature but we’re readers) to see the cover first before reading the blurb at the book. It’s the cover that makes you look a book. But there are books that have boring covers but has amazing stories. And I mean those old books from veteran authors. 😀



History – The last historical book you read.


This is I think the only historical book I’ve read so far and it’s so amazing. It talks about the history of AIDS. And like I said, amazing. I didn’t know AIDS was that worse before.




Geography – A literary destination you would really like to visit (real or fiction)


Uhm… I think I wanna go to


I know there are existing camps out there. Like real camps but not with real demigods. I’ve stalked PJO fandom for a while and I’ve been seeing these camps and I really want to go to some of them.




Drama – A book you think has a lot of overdramatic hype.


Uh-huh. Don’t hate me with this answer.


Yeah. What can I say, I didn’t quite like the first book. But hey, I’m not saying that it’s a bad series. I’m just saying that the first book is not what I thought it would be based on the overdramatic hype about it. Though a lot of readers are telling me to proceed to the next book so I can appreciate the hype more. So I think I’m gonna read the second book. Giving this series a second chance. Still, I did not like the first book and that’s not gonna change. 😀




That’s it for this tag! Thank you again Mandy for tagging me. 😀


I tag you!


You peeps are not obligated to do this tag if you don’t want to. And if there are those who want to do this tag but wasn’t tagged, feel free to do this! Just let me know so I can read your answers! 😀



Thank you for reading up to here! Love you all!


16 thoughts on “School Subjects Book Tag

    1. I thought me and Mandy are the only one who thought so about ACOTAR. I’m glad we’re not alone anymore! 😀 And really? What’s your favorite KDrama? And what are you currently watching, if you have one?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You aren’t alone! Fear not, lol.

        I haven’t been watching any KDramas recently because of school work. It’s a little difficult naming one but I really enjoyed Birth of A Beauty and Splash Splash Love. Have you watched them?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh! That sounds like Moon Lovers! (I think? xD) Though Moon Lovers is a time travelling romance story. I might check that out if I ever go back to watching KDramas again. I want to so much but there are still a lot of books I wanna read so bad and also, there’s school. So… 😀


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