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March Wrap-up

Hiya bessies!


How are you all??


This is a little late but, hey, it’s never too late for anything. XD


Here we are again in this time of the month!! Man! I can’t believe it’s already April, hey! What did you guys do during the April Fool’s Day? Who did you prank or did you get pranked?? 😀 Tell them all to me in the comments!

For the meantime, let’s go to the books I’ve read this month. I don’t think I did that well in the number of books I’ve read this month. Though I still think it’s not that little considering this month was when our midterm happened. So here they are!


Goodreads | Review | Rate: 4/5


Goodreads | Review | Rate: 4/5


lord and master
Goodreads | Review | Rate: 4/5


I say this month is my poorest month. Yes. I am not gonna have this kind of wrap up again. I’m gonna redeem myself! 😛


That’s it for my March wrap-up! What about you bessies? How did you do with your March wrap up? Tell them to me in the comments!


Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!



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