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Hiya bessies!


How are you all?


A long time ago, Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews tagged me to do the My Life in Books Tag. That was a very long time ago I bet Mandy doesn’t even remember tagging me here. Haha!

Anyway, I’m trying to catch up on those tags. And because I was busy at school and the problem with no internet connection for a week, I’ll be doing those tags starting now. You might be seeing some old tags cause I’m sweeping my ‘Comments’ section so find pings on tags.


Let’s get started!



Book for each initial (This is not gonna be easy.)


J – Jemima by Jane Green – I don’t know anything about this book. It starts with letter J and it talks about a fat heroine. I find myself fat but all my friends says I’m not. But I still think I’m fat. Am I crazy?


A – A Stranger in the Mirror by Sidney Sheldon – Great book, this one!


N – Never, Never Part 1


N – Never, Never Part 2 – Okay, I might be cheating with that. Haha!


I – I, Girl X by Annalise Grey


N – Never, Never Part 3 – Haha! What? I don’t know any other books that starts with this letter. XD



Age – Count along your bookshelf



19th book in my bookshelf is This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. It’s one of my pile of current reads. I’m already a few chapters in and I’m still getting to know everything about it and so far so good. 😀



Book that represents a destination you want to travel to.


30967268                  lord and master

Well, I had a couple destinations in mind. When in Rome… Find Yourself by Lena Mae Hill, and Lord and Master Trilogy by Kait Jagger. Both books are set up in Europe so it’s obvious I wanna go visit Europe. 😀 I really want to. Anyone wants to come? 😀



Favorite Color

Oy. My favorite color is purple, violet, lavender, and all shades in between. 😀 So I like the cover of The Crown by Kiera Cass. It has all the shades in one cover. 😀




Fondest Memories

I remembered reading this book when I was young. And sometimes, my parents read this book to us when we go to sleep. Though I haven’t read all the stories in this book, I remember some of them now.




Most Difficult Read

Hah! Classics and poetry books! I am not a classic reader nor a poetry reader. Though I appreciate some of them but if I have a chance to read between a classic and poetry, and other books I would definitely chose other books. I’ve read one classic, The Great Gatsby, and it took me almost a month to finish the book. I find it hard in the beginning but great by the end of it. Still, I know that classic isn’t really my thing. And I’m currently listening to an audio book of Pride and Prejudice and even that is still hard to finish. I feel sleepy whenever I listen to it which is not good. I’m so—:/




Which book in your TBR pile will you get the biggest sense of accomplishment from?

Uhm… all of them? Haha! Well, any book from my backlist TBR would give me a big sense of accomplishment. 🙂




That’s it for this tag bessies! And because this tag happened a very long time ago, I’m not tagging anyone anymore. BUT if you feel like doing it, feel free to do it! Just make sure to mention me so I can see your answers, I love reading answers!


Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


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