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Birthday Blog Post Special

Hiya bessies!!


How are you all?


Yeah. You read the title right. It’s a birthday blog post special!



My birthday was last April 18th but because it’s a weekday and I was busy at school, I didn’t managed to create a post about it until now. Still, your greetings are highly appreciated! Haha!


First off, one of the reasons why I created this post is Cayli from LilbooKlovers tagged me on her Sweet 16 Special post to create a rundown of my reading life. And for that, I thank Cayli for tagging me. However, I turned 16 a hundred years ago. Lol! Haha! I’m not old, bes! I’m not!


Second, I figure that I want to have a birthday blog post here in my blog so I thought why not do it? And I’m gonna reveal my age by the end of this post! 😀


A little heads up: This post will contain a little personal stuff about myself. So please bear with the drama. Haha! 😀


Let’s start!


Elementary – 11 years old onward


I don’t exactly know when my love for reading started. I remember when I was really young that I always read stuff that I’m allowed to read –well there are times that I read stuff I’m not allowed to read. I remember reading most of the stories in my elementary textbooks.


But I remember clearly that my love for reading real books, not those stories found in textbooks, started when I turn 11 years old. I think I was in 5th grade at the time. I was spending my summer vacation on my aunt’s house when my niece, who’s actually older than me, gave me a pocket book and told me to read it. So I did. And then the magic happened.


That was where I started reading local pocket books.




We call them pocket books because they are small and thin with only around 95 to 200 pages and could actually fit in your pocket. When my parents noticed that I started reading pocket books, they were somehow worried. Because I was just 11 years old and I’m already reading stuff that no 11 year old kid should be reading. Still, I kept reading.


When kid’s my age appreciate kid’s books and coloring stuff, I enjoy reading pocket books.



Sophomore in high school – 14 years old onward


I was still reading pocket books right around this year of my life. But it’s also in this year that I started reading novels and international books.


It was in this year that the second Percy Jackson movie, Sea of Monsters, was released.




I loved the first movie so much because I haven’t read the books yet and for me it was an awesome movie. So when I watched the Sea of Monsters movie and found the ending, I was hell bent on reading just the third book, The Titan’s Curse, because I want to know what happened after the Sea of Monsters.


So I tried approaching my friends and classmates to try and borrow the third book but they won’t let me read the third book unless I read the first one. They encouraged me too much that I finally gave it a chance. And I read the first book, and then the next, and then the third and then the next thing I knew I’m already on the last book of the series. I read the whole five books at around a week or so.


Yes! And it turns out that after reading the whole series of Percy Jackson, I don’t care anymore about the movies because they are nothing compared to the books. So basically, the movie I used to love so much just turn out to be the most disappointing movie I’ve ever seen.


It was also around this years that I explored more books to read and I found out some of my favorite books. Some of them were the Mara Dyer Series and Fifty Shades trilogy.



Yeah. Here I am again reading stuff a minor shouldn’t be reading. But I love reading and I appreciate all genres by this time of my life. But then because I don’t have money to buy books and the city I live in has no book stores, the books I read were all ebooks. One of the reason why I get migraines and eye problems were because of late night reading in the dark with only the light of my phone. Which is never good to a growing kid, bes. Ever.



Senior year in high school -16 years old onward


I started buying books when I turn 16 years old. I wasn’t really saving money for books at this age but whenever my parents go someplace where there are book stores, I try to request books from them. It only happens once in a blue moon so they sometimes buy me a book or two because I’m a good daughter. Lol.


But still, I was more of an ebook reader at this than a physical book. I try so hard to buy books but I really can’t so I didn’t push it. Putting in my mind that when I reach college, I’ll do my best to buy some books from my own savings.



Freshman in college -17 years old onward


I wanted to have a new environment so I want to go to college on a school at a different city. My parents doesn’t want me to go far especially my father because I have never left the house to live separately from my parents ever in my life. And my going to college on a different, far away city would be my first. So my father said it would be difficult for me but I insisted on going away.


One of the reason I want to go away was a change of environment but the main reason was I was so sick of my classmates talking shit about me behind my back for three years. Practically most of my high school years. It almost drove me nuts to go to school every day and face them and smile to them as if I don’t know what they’re talking behind my back and pretend that I’m not affected by it. Mostly I wasn’t affected by it but deep inside me I was hurting. I was just a teenager at the time and I don’t have the kind of personality I have now before. I wasn’t mature and I didn’t know how to handle such stress and anxiety and depression at the time.


My life in high school was one of the reason why I have anxiety. And if you live in the Philippines, things like anxiety and depression aren’t taken seriously. To adults, those were just things that makes you immature. Sad but it’s the truth. Especially for my mom. Anxiety is one of the things that makes me immature because for her, I can’t live independently if I have it. She doesn’t know that most of the times, anxiety cannot be controlled. That sometimes I’m at the mercy of my anxiety attacks. She doesn’t understand it and it was also anxiety that’s keeping me from explaining it to her deeper.


I didn’t even know that the amount of anxiety I have already needs medication. Like I said, mental disorders in my country isn’t really a big a thing. I only knew that I already need meds for my anxiety is because I read stuff about it. And turns out I have all the symptoms for a diagnosis. But I didn’t do anything about it because there’s no one I can turn to except myself.


I was practically useless in these years of my life because of anxiety so I badly want to go far away to try and rebuild myself. Start fresh from a place where no one knows who I am or was. So I attended my first year of college in Laguna, a place located a thousand miles away from my home.



The red dot on the lower portion of the map is my home and where I currently live. And the purple dot on the upper portion is where I attended my freshman in college. I live in my aunt’s house in Laguna and she promised to help my parents pay my tuition if I help in the house chores and the baby sitting of her three kids.


While studying college, I started saving money for books. Because, like I said, I will buy books for myself in college. But then I kind of take my new city for granted. Sure I go to bookstores to buy books but I didn’t bought any international novels. Instead, I bought books that were published by local authors that got discovered from Wattpad. At the time it was the trend and the hype.



When I’m at the end of my first semester of college, I decided to go back home and continue studying there. It turns out that my father was a little right. He’s right that it would be difficult for me to live far from them. But it wasn’t the only reason why I decided to go back home. It was because I always get sick in my new home. I always have fevers or cough or stress or any sickness because I suffered from home sickness. I wasn’t used on waking up so early to cook food. I wasn’t used on doing laundry almost every day. And I wasn’t used on babysitting a kid before let alone babysit three. And my study time always gets disturbed because there were three kids in the house and they all bugged me.




18 years old onward


See there’s no year in school there? Explanation following…


So I went back home and decided to continue my college here instead. However, the school I wanted to attend to doesn’t accept transferees on the second semester. So I didn’t attend school for the whole 5 months of the second semester.

This helped me in reading more books! Imagine 7 months of no school, 5 months of second semester and 2 months of summer vacation. So I read all the books in my shelf. And downloaded all the books I can download. And my, I was a happy booknerd.




Freshman in college, again


I need to retake Freshman College so I can be a regular student. It was fine by me because I already know the subjects in this year. It helped me have an academic scholarship the next semester. In this year though I’m struggling on reading more books. Turns out that I need to make school my priority but I didn’t really abandoned my reading hobby. I just lessened it.



Going to sophomore year in college -19 years old onward


It was here that I started my book blog, that I joined the book community in social media and other stuff. I had a four month vacation because my school changed its calendar and decided that instead of starting the school year at June, it would be August. So I created stuff to keep my four month vacation from being boring.


I created three blogs and decided later on that my WordPress blog is the only one I need because it has friendly people in here and it’s a fun platform. So though I didn’t deleted my other two blogs, I’m not updating it anymore. I focused my time maintaining this blog.


And I’m gonna have my first blog anniversary this coming May. I didn’t even noticed that I’m already blogging for a year now. It was an awesome experience! 😀 I get to meet a lot of friendly booknerds here and get to talk all things bookish!



Present time -20 years old


Yes. I just turned 20 years old. I still can’t believe that I reached this age. I feel so blessed. Though the gates of teen age is finally closed on me, I’m glad that I’m part of the adult (-ish) now. Haha!


To my fellow 20 year-old friends, welcome me to the club? Haha!



Thank you all if you made it here. Haha! Seriously, thank you all for being part of another year in my existence. I look forward on having more years with you bessies in it! Love you all!



And now, onto the people I’m tagging!


Now you do not have to do this tag if you don’t want to. And if ever your birthday happened a while back, you can always do this one next year. 😀 I wanna know the run down of your reading life too!


10 thoughts on “Birthday Blog Post Special

  1. Oooh, happy belated birthday!!! Sorry I missed it and you had to deal with school thingies. D: That’s never fun on the birthday. But I hope you had a wonderful day and a wonderful birthday week! 😀 But it’s super cool to see the reading evolution. Super cool post, and happy belated birthday again! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mandy! This year is actually my very first time celebrating my birthday on school months. Because my birthday fell on April which is the summer vacation here in my country, plus it also sometimes fall in holy week, I never get to celebrate it with classmates and friends. I didn’t know it would be that stressful. Haha! Thanks again! 😀


  2. Happy birthday! I loved reading your own story. I’m so sorry for the high school life. I’m currently still in high school, and I can see how it can cause so much stress and anxiety. But I’m so glad you’re in college and working your way up 😀 Keep reading and dreaming!


    1. Thank you! I hope you’ll survive high school too! I hope you won’t look back someday and remember high school as a bad experience or something. Make your high school life enjoyable and worth it because college life is way harder. Do what I didn’t do when I was in high school, cherish every single day instead of wanting to get out of it. 😀 And back at ya, keep reading and dreaming!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You don’t need to include some personal stuff in yours if you don’t want to, Sohpie. ^_^ I understand that personal stuff can get –personal. Haha! 😀 And thanks again! Happy birthday to you too! Haha! 😀 And yeah, you can still do this next year. 🙂


  3. Happy late birthday!! ❤ I absolutely loved reading this!! I definitely get a lot of the things you talked about, so I'm sorry you had to go through that! But I'm happy that everything led to this day and to your blog! Happy belated birthday again and thank you for the tag! I will try to do this around my birthday too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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