Diary: One heck of a ride home…

Hiya bessies!


How are you all?


Today, I’m gonna add my second entry on the “Diary” section of my blog. Yeah, I have that section here because I’m the kind of girl who writes on diaries about all kinds of unforgettable stuff. Haha!

So earlier today, I decided to go with my friends on their Friday Movie Day. Every Friday they go on one of my classmate’s house and watch horror movies there while eating popcorns or junk foods. Basically just hanging out and chillin. I sometimes go with them but mostly don’t because this classmate of mine lived in the town next to mine and getting there takes time and going home takes more. But today is different because we got dismissed earlier than usual. So I decided to come and enjoy my Friday.


I hang with them for a couple of hours. We watched the latest episode of Asia’s Next Top Model first before we decided to watch the movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe. I kind of already watched the movie because my brother watched it once and I kind of see some parts but I didn’t really watched the whole movie. Still, I get the plot of the story. When the clock stroked 6:00 pm, I decided to go home. I hitch a ride with my classmate who happens to live in the same city as me. So we rode in his Suzuki Raider Bike.




The start of the ride was smooth. It wasn’t dark yet because it was just early of 6 pm. But in the middle of the ride my classmate asked if it was okay for him to ride faster so we can arrive home early and I said yes –he knows that I hate it when he rides too fast, it’s okay if he wants to ride fast so long as I’m not riding with him.


When we were halfway there, the rain suddenly started pouring. At first it was just light, and then it gotten strong until it was pouring hard. I wasn’t worried about me or us getting wet but I was more worried of the book inside my bag getting wet! Haha! I kept saying that I wish my bag won’t get wet so my book won’t get wet too. Even though there might be a chance of me catching a cold or even a fever from the pouring rain, I still worry about my book! That is the kind of booknerd I am. Lol! Good thing the book didn’t get wet when I checked it right after I arrived. 😀


Anyway, it didn’t take us long to reach my house. But by the time we arrived, the rain had already stopped a little in the area of my house but it was still pouring at some other. So I was really soaking wet when my brother opened the door for me. Haha!


It was one heck of a ride for me because it was the first time I hitched a ride in a bike with the longest distance ever. Sure I’ve ridden with him before but it was only from the university to my house not from another town to my house. It was kind of an unexpected adventure. Haha!


So yeah. That’s basically the only interesting thing that ever happened in my day today. Lol! Though I don’t update my “Diary” section much, but there are a lot of interesting things happening in my day to day life. I just want this to be recorded here so I can read it and look back to it someday.



That’s it for this diary entry! Did you have an interesting day today? What’s your latest adventure? Any adventure hey. Even a ride home can be count as an adventure. 😀 Let’s talk in the comments!


Thanks for reading up to here, bessies! Love you all!


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