I’m Back Bessies! (A Dragon’s Blog Update)

Hiya bessies!


How are you all?


I miss you all so much!!


Have you noticed that I was gone for almost a month?


If not then, well, it’s fine. Haha! 😀 But if you did noticed that means you’ve been talking with me constant times before and then you’re missing me now! Haha!

Here’s an explanation on my unexpected hiatus. If you bessies are following me on Instagram or Twitter, you would know the very main reason why I was gone.


We lost internet connection again! We have a monthly prepaid internet connection here in my country and if you can’t pay by the first days or weeks of your monthly subscription, then you do not have an internet to use. And that’s what happened to me. My parents didn’t get to pay on time so they cut the internet connection and we were internet-less for almost 2 or 3 weeks.


And then, my parents finally paid the internet. However, after paying, the finals exam were 2 weeks away. So I didn’t get the chance to sit and create a blog post or even just do blog hopping and commenting on your posts bes.


So yeah, I really missed you bessies! I missed talking to some of you. I missed reading your blog posts and doing tags. I just missed blogging so much!


I wanna say that I would be back on full force but I am still not sure. Though I don’t have exams going right now, I’m still worried about my grades so I think I’m gonna concentrate on that for now. And also, there’s the issue on the internet connection again. It won’t be long before our one month is over and we need to pay again. And in the state of my parents right now, I don’t think they can pay the internet that fast.


Anyway, I’m back! I will try to do the tags I received a very long time ago. So watch out for it!


Let’s go to some updates on my reading!


I hauled two books for the month of April. It was only a birthday gift for myself. You bessies know that I celebrated my birthday last April. And so, I bought two books as a gift! And those two books are




Yes! I finally have a copy of ACOMAF. I know I said I’m gonna buy both ACOMAF and ACOWAR at the same time but ACOWAR wasn’t released until May and I couldn’t wait any longer for my birthday gifts. So I bought ACOMAF earlier than planned instead. But worry not, for I will buy ACOWAR soon!


And I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Strange the Dreamer. And I kind of just fell in love with the cover, that is why I bought it. I was thinking of buying something else like maybe the second book of the Magnus Chase. Bu then I thought, I would just buy the Magnus Chase book next time. I wanna get Strange the Dreamer now. And I bought it! On hardback! Haha! Yup. So impulsive of me. XD


And then I decided that I want to be on a pleasure-only read break. I have noticed that I’ve been reading books that are in need of reviews.  For which I am not enjoying anymore. So I decided to lessen those books that needs reviews and more books that are for pleasure. Because that is why I started reading, for pleasure, for adventure. I feel like when I keep reading books for reviews, I am working and I am not just reading. It’s a responsibility now more than a hobby.


And so far, the books I’ve read for pleasure are— lol. I didn’t record any. Haha! I just read. XD


I remembered reading 2 books from the author Mary Higgins Clark, and This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. I didn’t review any of those books but I rated them on Goodreads. And now I am currently reading ACOMAF!!! Yay! Finally! Haha! And so far so good. I’m the feeling the vibe of Rhysand but it’s still too early to say that I’m falling for his character. I like him sure but I still need to explore him more. Oh and Feyre still kind of annoyed me but at least now she’s developing. Haha!


I’m gonna stop right there about ACOMAF. I don’t wanna turn this update into a mini review of ACOMAF. Though I don’t think if ever I review ACOMAF, it’s not gonna be mini. I’m still thinking whether to review it or not because it’s part of my pleasure-only read. But then if it will give me a hangover, I’m definitely reviewing it.


I think that’s it for my updates!


To all the bessies who go because I was inactive for a very long time, it’s okay. It was nice meeting you still.


To all the new bessies here in my blog, welcome! Hope you’ll enjoy what you read here in my little escapade of books I call blog. Haha! And don’t be shy to comment on any of my posts. I don’t bite. Unless you want me to. (Hey! That’s an ACOMAF reference! Hi Cassian! Haha! xD)


And to all the bessies who stayed despite my being inactive, thank you so much bessies! I really really love you all! I hope you missed me because I missed you! 😀



Let’s talk in the comments hey? 😀



Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!





11 thoughts on “I’m Back Bessies! (A Dragon’s Blog Update)

  1. Hi Jannin!!! I haven’t talked to you in a long time! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, I understand the prepay wifi. I’ve been in the Philippines log enough to know about data plans. I still need to read ACOTAR… but I just got a copy of ADSOM by V.E. Schwab so I’m excited! Nice to have you back! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kester! Yes it’s been a while! How are you hey? 😀 I haven’t read ADSOM yet though I’ve been trying to get my hands on it for a while now. And you should read ACOTAR. Just don’t expect too much on the first book because I’m telling you, it’s slow. But the ACOMAF? I’m liking it so far. Haha! And it’s good to be back! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m doing great! School’s finally over, so I’m happy! And yes, I do need to read ACOTAR… I need to find a copy somewhere, one I could keep! 😅 What’s straying me away is thag I found out ACOMAF’s 600 pages and I’m like “Hmm…” Great to see you back!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Mandy!! And I’m actually starting to construct a review in my head about ACOMAF! I’m halfway through it now and I am loving the way Feyre is transforming into a badass weapon she wants to be. I want to finish reading it already and at the same time I don’t want to finish it too. Lol! I want to have ACOWAR in my hands first before finishing ACOMAF. But the book is too good to stop reading right now. I think I’ve reached the point of no return. Lolol!! XD


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