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Monday Learning (Lesson #1)

Hiya bessies!!


How are you all?


Hey!!! Welcome to an original blog segment called Monday Learning!!

The idea of this popped inside my head earlier today. Since I’m already on a summer vacation and not that busy, I thought to add something fun in my blog. And I decided it to be a segment that could be both bookish and non-bookish. 😀 I kind of want to live up to my blog’s tagline, “Here to give you all things bookish and life advises! :D” But instead of life advises, I’ll teach you lessons! 😀 No worries! I will try to put in life advises here too! Soon!


And I chose the day of Monday because, well, in school days, everyone hates Mondays. XD


I apologize if there’s no proper featured image in this post. I’m using my brother’s computer right now and as you bessies know, I don’t have any pics here in his computer. But I will put a proper featured image here soon!


I don’t know when our internet connection will get cut off again which will cause me to be MIA again. But don’t worry for I will do my best to still post despite having no internet connection. I’m not that busy with school so I’m pretty sure I can go somewhere and hitch a WiFi connection. For the blog! XD


So! Let’s start!


First lesson is a local word from Philippines. Before anything else, you must know that Philippines has many languages. We don’t have just one language learned since we were kids. All Filipinos are bilingual. As for me, I can speak three Philippine languages fluently –four if you add English. (And then five if you add sarcasm. XD) But the Philippine national language is Tagalog. And that’s where the word I’m going to teach you come from.


The Tagalog word is





It’s pronounced as “kee-lig”.


It is an adjective best used to describe the feeling of romantic excitement.


Now, I don’t think there’s an English term for this word. But as the definition goes, this is what you feel when you feel excited due to romantic situations.


In booknerd situation, you know that feeling you feel towards that ship you wanna sail so bad but doesn’t seem to sail but you ship them anyway? Yeah. That feeling. Also, to those couple that has a relationship that feel like they hate each other to the core but deep inside they care for each other so bad. That one too.


In real life situation, that moment when you and your crush had an eye contact and then your heart seemed to burst in your chest and you just want to squeak so badly. That feeling is also called “kilig”. XD


Basically, you feel “kilig” when you have this face and you do this…




and this…




Or maybe this…





Haha! That’s kilig in our book too. XD Unless you’re having stomach problems then that’s another story. XP



So! That’s it for my lesson for today! I hope you bessies remember that word. Because from time to time, I’ll be using that for my reviews. And, hey, maybe you’ll be feeling that too while you’re writing a book review and you’re so lazy to put there, “I have so many romantic excitement feeling while reading this book!” so instead you should put, “This book is so kilig!”. See? Your sentence is shorter but you conveyed the same message. Haha!


Who am I kidding? Lol! Anyway, tell me things you wanna learn from me! Let’s talk in the comments hey! 😀


Thanks for reading up to here, bessies! Love you all!




4 thoughts on “Monday Learning (Lesson #1)

    1. Yes Sophie! Kilig could also be feels!!! 😀 Heeey, you’re learning! XD But for me “feels” doesn’t only mean kilig in a book. For me it also means the drama, like you know, sometimes the literal meaning. XD And thanks! 😀

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