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No Internet AGAIN!!

Hiya bessies!


How are you all?



I’m in an internet cafe right now trying to write this quick and short blog post.

I just wanna tell you bessies that we do not have internet connection again. But worry not for I will do my best to keep posting as many posts as I can. Just please bear with me if I don’t comment and like your posts the same times as I do before. I wanna go blog hopping but my time is limited. So I apologize.



Anyway, I just celebrated the first year anniversary of this blog!! Isn’t it amazing that I’m blogging for a year now? Haha! I will write a proper blog post about it soon!


Thanks bessies for sticking with me. And for understanding this problem of mine. Hope to talk to all of you soon!




9 thoughts on “No Internet AGAIN!!

  1. How unfortunate, I know it is a headache! Last December, the Internet was not working at my residence. That was more than a problem. I had online college assignments to submit, causing me to sit outside in the evening winter cold after 9pm. I was trying to connect to the nearby wi-fi signal with my laptop, my fingers froze. May your circumstances be resolved.

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    1. Oh. That’s indeed unfortunate for you too at the time. Well at least you had a near wifi to hitch on and your internet’s a lot faster than ours here. I just really hope it would be resolved before my summer vacation is over. I still wanna spend a lot of time blogging. 😊


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