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Monday Learning (Lesson #3): How to Survive Horror Movies

Hiya bessies!


How are you all? How was your weekend? Hope it was as productive as mine, reading-wise. XD


Welcome to the third lesson of Monday Learning!!!


Alright! For today’s lesson, I dedicate this to my good friend Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews. Because for some reason, she can’t survive horror movies but can devour horror books. XD


The idea actually came in my head when I was reading some of the previous comments I had regarding horror stuff and it reminded me of Mandy’s fear of horror movies. And then I thought, why not? It is a good topic. XD


I hope after this tips, I can help some bessies conquer horror movies.


Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this kind of things in real life. Some of the steps in here are based on my personal experience and most steps I used to survive horror movies before I grew a little immune from them. I only created this as a form of entertainment. If, by any chance, I have offended any of you bessies, just know that this post is for entertainment only and I apologize for offending you. 😀


Now, we all know that not all of us can survive a horror movie –even with group of friends. However, we can’t deny that watching horror movies is fun! Especially the kind that has a lot of jump scares! Haha!

I tell you a little something before we start our lesson proper. I can watch a horror movie alone and just feel a little bit scared about it but whenever I’m with a group of friends, I have the loudest scream. I don’t know why I feel more scared in groups than being alone. I guess that comes with the package of me being a weird specimen. XD


A little trivia!!


Did you know that you burn calories in watching a horror movie? (Click the link here to know more! :D)


Alright! Let’s start! I’m gonna divide the steps into sections, the Before, During, and After sections. Before watching, during, and after watching horror movies.




Step 1: Watch the trailers first and search some other information about the movie.


Okay. You need to know your enemy first in order to beat it, right? So you need to watch the trailer first before watching the movies. I guess that’s a pretty basic step in looking for a movie to watch. However, it will also help you in weighing whether you can handle that certain movie or not.


Since you’re not that brave in watching horror movies that is why you’re reading this, I advise that you should stick to the movie that doesn’t have these texts, “Based on a true story.” Or even these, “Inspired by a true story.” No. you might want to stay away from those.


Start with something that you’re sure is just a product of a wild imagination. 😀


Step 2: Know the actors/actresses of the said movie


It will somehow lessen the scare if you know the main actors and actresses in the movie. I can personally say that it does help, knowing the people in the movie, in lessening the scare of a horror movie.


You can actually look for your celebrity crush and see if he/she once starred in a horror movie and then start with that. So you won’t be solely scared throughout the movie but you’re also swooning. XD


Step 3: DO NOT watch the Behind-the-Scenes


As much as watching the BTS of a horror movie help lessen the scare, it will also spoil you about the movie. This would be the worst part in watching horror movies. You do not want to be spoiled in a horror movie. It will just go against the nature of a horror movie. So no. if you wanna watch the BTS, do it after watching the movie itself.





Step 1: Invite a friend/sibling/cousin/boyfriend/girlfriend/or anyone


There’s nothing wrong in having a companion in watching a horror movie. Even though most of the time those people will tease you of being a scaredy cat. (I know. I’ve been there. Once upon a time when I was young I was the one being teased. But now, I’m the other one, the one teasing. ;)) I mean, what’s the use of watching a horror movie if you won’t be scared about it? Like you’re just wasting your time and energy and electricity in doing that. The point of creating horror movies is to scare people. Lol.


But if you don’t want people teasing you of being scared, then grab a friend who’s more afraid in watching a horror movie than you. That way no one will tease anyone. XD



Step 2: You DO NOT need to turn off the lights


Bes, I know the dimmer the surrounding is while watching a movie the better. But that doesn’t need to apply always. When I young, whenever I watch horror movies alone, I turn all the lights and I’m not ashamed. Haha! Especially since you’re reading this, you are pretty much looking for a way to survive a horror movie. So yes, it is okay to watch movies while all the lights in your house are on. Dang, you can even hold a flashlight if you want.


But the essence of it would be best if the lights are off. I mean, you would feel the thrill and the jump scares more if it’s dim –just a thought. You don’t need to apply this. XD



Step 3: Hold on to the remote control. ALWAYS


You have the power when you’re holding the remote of your TV. Seriously you do.


Whenever you feel like there’s gonna be a huge jump scare in that part of the movie, go ahead and mute the audio. Or if it would make you feel a lot better, turn off the TV and just let the audio blast. Haha! I find it sometimes that the visual is a lot scarier than the audio so it might help.





Step 1: Take a deep breath!


You just conquered one of your fears! You earned that deep breath! XD


Seriously. Even if I don’t include this step in here, you will take a huge breath right after you see the head of the credits of the movie. It might be a breath of relief because you survived it or a breath of triumph because you survived it. Anyway, you will do this. XD


So breathe! Inhale! Exhale!



Step 2: You can now watch the BTS


Yes. Now is the right time to watch the behind the scenes of the movie you just survived.


This will not just help lessen the scare, it might actually help get rid of it. Because you know that it is not a real life horror situation and is just a product of a very wild imagination. This step actually works for me personally. Even with the movies that says “Based on a true story.” I still watch their behind the scenes clips. Even go as far as search the information about it. Like the movie, Annabelle, I know the real face of Annabelle and it is very far from the face they used in the movie. Annabelle’s face in real life is not scary compared to the one they used in the movie.


Left: Used in the movie | Right: The real doll (ctto)

Some things were just exaggerated to up the scare in the movie. However, the tales of Annabelle are pretty much real. So… (Okay. I’m scared right now because I used Annabelle as a reference. There are just a lot of things Annabelle do to those who do not believe in her curse. I mean, bes, read some of the articles and tell me if you didn’t had goose bumps after reading it.)



Step 3: Watch other movies before going to bed…


This might be helpful to those who want to survive the trauma a horror movie can give.


I know that there will always be an aftermath when you watch a horror movie. And sometimes, those aftermaths can linger a little too long than we want. So in order to get your mind distracted, if not completely forgotten the movie, watch other movies that are not horror. You might wanna watch some cute videos of puppies and kittens. Or you wanna watch something really funny like Ellen Degeneres’ videos and reruns. Anything to get rid of the aftermath, do it.


Go play games if you want just so your mind won’t linger on the horror scenes that movie brought. This is a big help.


Step 4: Remember: IT IS ONLY A MOVIE


Bes, no matter how scary horror movies can be always remember that is it still a movie. They are not real. And if some of those are real, they are not as gruesome or as exaggerated. Those are just products of imagination that were brought to life by talented actors and actresses and were exaggerated to get a lot of viewers.


Always put this in your mind to avoid bringing those scenes in your dreams. ;D



So those are my tips in surviving a horror movie! Seriously, bes, horror movies are not something to be afraid of. They are just movies. XD They cannot hurt you. Unless you have some sort of heart disease and could not handle a little jump scare then please, stay away from horror movies. Don’t even try watching movies that are based on a true story. Seriously, I don’t want you risking your health just so you could watch horror movies. Unless again your doctor gives you an okay signal then I guess that’s fine.


Now I seriously want to watch horror movies with you bessies! I wonder who will have the loudest scream. (Yes, I’m looking at you Mandy. XD)


That’s it for today’s lesson! I hope you bessies learned something from me again. XD


What do you bessies do to survive horror movies? Do you have any more tips to add here? Let’s talk in the comments!


Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


13 thoughts on “Monday Learning (Lesson #3): How to Survive Horror Movies

  1. Great post! My biggest tip is to always provide commentary during the movie. When I was watching The Conjuring 2 with some of my friends, I kept on saying “Oh stop, you know that door will lead to harm” and “Boom that’s going to kill you” and all sorts of other funny stuff. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol. This is how I watch horror movies:

    1) With a pillow so I can cover my face at the scary parts.
    (Note: so far, the only movie that has ever freaked me out was The Ring)

    2) If I think It’s gonna be a freaky one..and I mean so scary that I need to sleep with the lights on..I’ll watch it during the day.

    3) Since I watch movies on my device, I might MUTE the scary parts. Somehow the music makes it freakier. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t seen The Ring yet. Neither do The Grudge. Though they all said those movies are really scary. And I like your way of watching movies. 😂 I do those first and second when I’m watching alone. But I only do the third when I’m with friends. Haha! 😂 But the best thing I do when watching is sit as far away from the TV as possible. And then scream like hell during jump scares. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha love this! I’m not a fan of horror movies AT ALL and I do use a lot of these tips, but it’s always great to get more 🙂 Annabelle surprised me! I had no idea that that was the real doll… In a way, it makes it even scarier that such a cute little thing could be so messed up? XD (I always did wonder why anyone would choose to get such an ugly, creepy doll anyways).
    Great post, Jannin!

    Liked by 1 person

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