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Book Review: The Mind Thieves and The Mind Games by Lori Brighton

Title: The Mind Thieves (The Mind Readers #2) & The Mind Games (The Mind Readers #3)

Author: Lori Brighton

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance




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First off, this review is not guaranteed to be a spoiler free review. So just to be in the safe side, if you haven’t read the Mind Readers series yet, do not read this review. I repeat, this is not a guaranteed spoiler-free review. You’ve been warned.


If you want to read my review of the first book of this series, The Mind Reader, click here.


Let’s start!


The Mind Thieves and Mind Games books are the second and third book of the Mind Readers series respectively. The first book ended with Cameron losing her memories of Lewis and Aaron and everything that happened in Aaron’s island. And the second book started with her still without those memories. Then Maddox came and everything went crazy. These two books are somewhat crazy books for me and everything that happened here is a bit twisted and, yeah, crazy.


After reading these two books, the only feeling that lingered in me towards Cameron is pity. Like seriously. Of all the books I’ve read, I think Cameron’s character was the one who got played the most by its author.


You see, Cameron grew up thinking her parents were dead. Only to find out that they were not and they both wanted to take Cameron and both saying that either is the bad guy. Cameron was torn between her parents’ clash. Also, she doesn’t know who trust most. Bad guys turn to good guys and good guys turn to bad guys, everything is just so messed up.


This series is messed up if I say so myself. Though it’s a good messed up. It has a nice story line and the plot twists were good but there are some plot twists that were so obvious I actually saw them coming. Still, the series were great.


It has a great story that it actually succeeded of making you hate or dislike the villain in here. In this case, it was Cameron’s father. However, my disliked didn’t just stop on Cameron’s father. I also hated her mother. Both of them left Cameron in the care of her grandmother because of some huge reason, to keep Cameron safe. Yeah. They want Cameron to be safe so they faked their deaths and let Cameron think their gone.


What I don’t get is if they want Cameron to be safe, why did they start a new family? I mean, Cameron’s father got married again and had two kids while Cameron’s mother kept Cameron’s sister with her and started a new life. It was so unfair to Cameron. It feels like a very big slap in the face for Cameron that no one wants her.


Seriously, my dislike for her parents didn’t waver even though they somehow end up dead. When it was confirmed that they were dead, I was like, huh, good riddance. I didn’t really like your characters.


But then, I enjoyed this series somehow. It wasn’t my first mind reader read but it’s still a good mind reader read.


To wrap this up, if you bessies are up for some mind reading adventure with a possibility of major hating some characters, I would recommend this book for you. However, these two books didn’t satisfy me the way the first book did. But if you want to read the series, go ahead and give it a shot.












As a child, thoughts of far-off places and adventure consistently kept Lori up late at night. After graduating high school, she came to the conclusion that there was no better way to seek adventure and nourish her love of history than to become an archaeologist. She went on to receive a degree in anthropology, but digging in the dirt during humid Midwestern summers wasn’t exactly as fun as she thought it would be.

Instead, she went to work in an air conditioned museum where she spent her days surrounded by creepy Victorian animal mounts. Still, she wasn’t satisfied.

Deciding the people in her imagination were slightly more exciting than the dead things in a museum basement, she set out to write her first romance novel. That book was soundly rejected. As was the next. Years went by and she began to wonder if she’d ever see her dream fulfilled. Until one day she came up with an idea for a book that brought together her love of history and adventure: a book now titled Wild Heart. Since Wild Heart’s release, Lori has written Historical Romance, Contemporary Paranormal Romance and Young Adult.

Lori currently resides in the Southern U.S., where she juggles her time between a husband, a son, a golden retriever, a cat and the many, many people in her imagination.

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Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


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