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Totally Should Have Book Tag

Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


Oh my gosh! I finally got the chance to gather all the remaining book tags that I haven’t done yet and now I’m trying to catch up to them one by one! XD


First off, I want to thank Sophie @ Blame Chocolate for tagging me. I know it’s been so long but I hope it’s never too late yet. You bessies should check out Sophie’s blog! She has amazing contents and she is so friendly. So go check her blog! 😀


Let’s start!



Totally should’ve gotten a Sequel




No, not me. The book! XD

Hey, what can I say? I want to know more about Christian’s side of the story. XD



Totally should’ve gotten a spin-off Series




This is very expected from a demigod like me. I still can’t get enough of Percy Jackson or Greek adventures. I know I’m old but Percy Jackson has become my all-time favorite series. I’m loyal to it.



I’ve grown to like this series too. And I would really like to read more of it. It’s a good thing that the series isn’t over yet. 🙂



An author that totally should write more books



Her books have just amazing contents and you can literally learn from it. I want to see and read more from her.



A character that totally should’ve ended up with someone else



Jay Gatsby deserved a better woman. Though they didn’t really ended up together, I just wish that he didn’t die and just loved someone else instead. But I guess some authors from a long time ago love to kill their main characters.



Totally should’ve ended differently


I know I should have put Great Gatsby here too but this book seriously should have ended differently.


I was team Tiger Lily all the way. I was rooting for her and Peter Pan. But then Wendy-bird came and I was just





Totally should’ve had a movie franchise



I love this series. I want it to have a movie franchise. And I bet it would also be a good one. 😀


Yes, oh yes. This is going to be an epic movie! I hope it will have a movie franchise.



Totally should’ve had only one point of view



Because the way these books are being narrated confuses me most of the times.



Totally should’ve had a cover change



The covers from this series sometimes mislead people into thinking that this is a dark series. When I first saw the covers I thought these books are dark like ghosts and paranormal kind of dark. But when I read it, it actually wasn’t as dark as the cover.



Totally should’ve kept the original cover


I have no favorite book covers that were changed into something new. So I have no answer to this. 😀



Totally should’ve stopped at book one



This series is still going on but I think it should stop already. XD It has a good story but I don’t see the point of giving it a sequel.



That’s it for this tag bessies! Since I was tagged a very long time ago, I won’t be tagging anyone anymore. BUT! If you want to do this tag, do not hesitate to do it! Just give credits when credits are due. 😀


What can you say bessies? Do you agree with my answers? What are your answers to some of the questions? Let talk in the comments!


Thank you for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


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