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Wattpad Series Review (Or RANT): After Series by Ana Todd

anna-todd-afterTitle: After Series

Author: Anna Todd

Genre: Adult, Romance

After | After 2 | After 3




Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


Bes, I had this series sitting in my Wattpad library for a while now. So I thought why not read it? And since it’s already a published series it might be a good one. Bes, I did not expect the surge of emotions I felt about this series.

I took a lot of notes while reading this so expect this to be a long review.


A bit of disclaimer…


For you who already read this series, you bessies might understand the things I write in this review. To those who haven’t read this yet, well, just know that we all have different opinions and thoughts towards the same thing and this one is mine. Don’t say that I influenced or encouraged you not to read it or something. Because this review will most likely contain a lot of rants instead of a review. I got triggered by this book big time. That being said I apologize in advance if there are vulgar words or curses in here. Or if somehow you also got triggered.

Also, this review is not guaranteed to be a spoiler free review. But I will try to leave out all the major twists and information to avoid major spoilers.


Let’s start!


To those who don’t know the story of this series, it’s about a good girl, Tessa, who fell in love with her total opposite, the bad boy, Harry (He’s Harry in the Wattpad version but he’s Hardin in the published books. Thought that might help you not get confused.). That’s pretty much the whole story of this series. In every book their love is being tested in all angles. And boy, the things they do through those tests.


I’ve been hearing things about this series so much in Instagram. Mostly praises, saying how great these books are. So I expected a lot since I also found out that it came from Wattpad. Books that are getting published from Wattpad were pretty rare and it really need to be good to be published. So I don’t know how to feel about it. Like I like it somehow but I don’t like it at all.


First off, Tessa isn’t a likeable heroine for me. She really isn’t. Sure it says she’s a good girl, prim and proper. I get that at the first few chapters of the first book. But when she started doing stuff she isn’t used to doing, I started getting pissed off at her.


By the time I reached a bit deeper into the book, where she started cheating on Noah with Harry, that’s just got to my nerve. I think it’s safe to say that I really hate cheaters. Really hate them. And the way she acts about it just fueled my hate for her. She doesn’t want to break up with Noah because she’s scared that Harry might not like her at all despite the things they’re already doing. She’s acting like she’s running out of men in her life! Legit she acts like a desperate slut!


And I think I can tell other more situations where she acted like a desperate woman. When she finally broke up with Noah to be with Harry it didn’t lessen my hate to her. Because by the time she and Harry had their first misunderstanding, she immediately ran to another man and seeks comfort. Like what the hell? Whenever she does that, I just want to scream at her, like really scream at her. She got on my nerve so bad if the book I’m reading wasn’t in my phone I would’ve hurled it across my small room.


Let’s go to the hero, Harry (Hardin in the books).


Harry’s character isn’t a likeable character too but that is to be expected because right from page one he’s already described as bad boy, rude, and a douche. But there are times that I like Harry’s character more than Tessa’s despite him being rude and mean. I actually have no issues towards Harry’s character. I like him because he’s a bad boy and a possessive one too but he’s just too rude for me. I’m not even considering swooning over him.


All my pissed off feelings seemed to be reserved for Tessa. I couldn’t even blame some other characters on their actions and reactions towards Tessa. Man I really hate her!


The emotions on the book were also hard to catch up. Like literally hard. They change abruptly. One sentence the two of them are arguing and one might even be pissed but the next sentence they’re both laughing and finding amusement at whatever shit the other said. You bessies know how attached I could get to the feelings and emotions towards a book. I always feel what the characters are feeling, so I hate it when the emotions in it abruptly changed. I literally stopped reading for a couple minutes to try and catch up to the change of emotions. All throughout the series, that’s what’s happening.


By the time I reached the second book of the series, Tessa still pissing me the hell off with her personality, I was so close to DNF-ing the whole series. Really close. But then a huge plot twist came and I guess that picked up the whole book for me.


You know bessies, the first big twist to Tessa and Harry’s relationship should’ve been obvious. I’ve always been cautious when I read a book and there’s a guy like Harry in it. Like really cautious. I don’t trust them immediately because I know full well what they might do to girls like Tessa. I should’ve seen that twist. But Todd was good at blindsiding her readers that I did not see it coming. I actually mentally slapped my face for not seeing it. It was so obvious! Just when I wasn’t being cautious that’s when this kind of twist appears! Agh!


In the second book, Tessa got worse. And although what Harry did was unforgivable and I should hate him for it and feel sorry for Tessa, I can’t find myself to feel sorry for her. Because she did it again. She and Harry got into a fight and she seeks another man’s comfort. Again, what the hell? Can’t she seek comfort to her girl friend? I know she doesn’t have that many girl friends but her guy friends were all Harry’s friends and most of them could not even be trusted!


By the time I reached the third book I just had enough of Tessa’s drama and a lot of bad life decisions that I DNF the third one. I skipped the whole book and read the last chapter of book three. And I wasn’t even surprised at how they ended. Or how they were before the book ended. By the time I was reading the last chapter, I just did not care about them anymore. My reading of the last chapter was just my curiosity as how their story ended. That’s just all. I don’t care if they ended up being together or not.


This book was said to be close to reality so there were no mushy and cheesy parts and sure I somehow agree. The problems and some situations were close to happening in real life. However, most of Tessa’s decisions were not really a realistic decision. That’s just my opinion though because who am I to say that those decisions were not realistic. For me they don’t. Because a mistake cannot be solved by doing another mistake.


I still have a lot of things to rant about this book but I just glanced at my word count and realized that I’m already at 1,100th plus word. So I think I’m gonna stop now.


To wrap this up, this book did nothing but pissed me off big time. I don’t think I want to read the published version for the reason that I might just got pissed again. I want to say that I want to recommend these books to you bessies but I can’t because I hated it. For those who loved it, I’m sorry but I seriously hated Tessa. And because the books consist mostly of her, I didn’t quite like it too.











Hello everyone!

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What about you bessies? Have you read this? What are your thoughts? Do you hate me because of the words I used in writing this review? I hope not, I’m just being honest. I know there’s no need to be harsh but it’s not like I insulted the author or something. It’s the character I kind of attacked. Anyway, let’s talk in the comments! 😀


Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


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