Top 5 Wednesday: Books From Before I Joined Bookstagram and Book Blog

Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


Welcome to another T5W week!


If you bessies don’t know what T5W is it’s weekly a meme hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes at Goodreads. If you wanna join, just click here!


This week’s topic is the Top 5 favorite books before you joined any online book community. In my case, that’s Instagram and Blogging.

Just a little background, I first joined Instagram, or it is famously known as the Bookstagram community, before I joined the book blogging community. But these books in my Top 5 would be my favorite books way before I even know there’s an online book community. XD


Here’s my Top 5!



On Number 5,




This book is my very first try of reading an international book. I read it because I’m a huge Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana fan. However, this book wasn’t the reason I started reading more books from foreign authors. Still, it is one of my favorite books from before. 😀



On Number 4,



I’ve read this series when I was in high school and it was my first paranormal read and it spooked me! Haha! I loved the adventure of Kendal and her squad. From hunting ghosts, to solving some mysteries, to creepy and scary corners, up to the kilig moments of Kendal and Patrick! These two are seriously relationship goals. XD



On Number 3,



Yes oh yes! I’ve discovered this book from stalking a favorite author of mine from Wattpad. I saw this in her social media and I hunted the book until I found it and fell in love with it! Legit! When I discovered Goodreads, I’ve read some bad reviews about this series. However, my love for it didn’t falter. I still love it so much that I am so excited to the upcoming books from Michelle Hodkin!





On Number 2,



Yup, I’ve read Fifty Shades before I joined the Bookstagram community. I read it when I was still in high school. Some classmates of mine would cringe at me and look at me in a weird way when they found out that I was reading the famous “Porn Book”.  Haha! And now, I’m the one they go to whenever they ask something about the movies. Lol.



On Number 1,



Oh come on. I’m sure you bessies saw this coming. XD

Percy Jackson was also a high school read. Haha! And up till now it’s still one of my favorite series.



That’s it for this week’s T5W bessies! Okay, I know the topic said BOOKS and I put in SERIES. But I don’t really have a favorite book because I mostly read series. And when I read a series, I don’t have a specific favorite book because I don’t see a series as an individual book. 😀


What about you bessies? What were your favorite books before you joined an online book community? Let’s talk in the comments!



Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!




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