August – October Wrap up

Hiya bessies!

How are you all?



Oh my gosh. It’s been so long since I posted my last monthly wrap up. I’ve been so busy that I hadn’t time to write a wrap up blog post. And I’ve been busy that I only have short amount of time to read. I only have around 30 min to an hour of reading time. And for me, that’s a very short amount of time to read books. Not to mention that sometimes I get disturbed while reading due to chores and other stuff.


So these books are the only ones I managed to finish in my 3 months of busy schedule. If I say so myself, this didn’t even reach my average reads for a month. Dang. I feel so disappointed to myself. But then there’s nothing I can do because studying is my priority right now. I hope I could redeem myself this holiday season because it will also be our holiday break. I hope I could read a lot more then.


Here’s my wrap up!



Goodreads | Review | Rate: 4.5/5


Goodreads | Review | Rate: 3.5/5



Goodreads | Rate: 3/5



Goodreads | Review | Rate: DNF



Goodreads | Review | Rate: 5/5


Goodreads | Review | Rate: DNF


Goodreads | Rate: 4/5


Goodreads | Rate: 4/5


Goodreads | Review | Rate: 3.5/5


Goodreads | Rate: 4.5/5


Goodreads | Review | Rate: 4.5/5


always red
Goodreads | Rate: 4/5


Twelvebooks and two of them are DNF. See? Not my good months.

Anyway, I’m currently suffering a reading slump. I hope to get rid of it before the start of the holiday break so I can read a lot of books. I’ve hauled a book or two the past few months so I might devour those soon.



What about you bessies? How did you do on your monthly wrap up? Hope you had more books read than me. Let’s talk in the comments!


Thanks for reading up to here! Love you all, bessies!


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