January Wrap up

Hiya bessies!

How are you?


My gosh! I couldn’t believe how time fly so fast! I miss you Bessies so much! I haven’t been posting because, well, y’all know the reason of why I’m not or rather I couldn’t post any blog posts. I seriously miss blogging.


Anyway, I haven’t finished a lot of books for the last two months of the year 2017. The only book I managed to finish in the month of November was Without Merit by Colleen Hoover. And that’s because I was curious about the book and when I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down anymore.

After reading Without Merit, a bitch called reading-slump decided to be my besssy for the rest of the end of the year. And I hate it so much because I haven’t read any books during my holiday break. Imagine my frustration.




However, the reading slump somehow lessens at the beginning of 2018. I managed to finish 3 books, 4 if I’ll include Without Merit. And I will include it.


So these are my wrap up for the last months, from November to January but basically this is a January wrap up. XD







I know. This book is one of my longest read because while I was in the middle of reading of it, it was the time the slump attacked. Even so, the book was great.




This one, I couldn’t put down. It was an anticipated release. And as of you bessies know, I’m a huge fan of the series so I couldn’t not read it. I bought it at December and read it in January. I bought this book with me during my vacation but I couldn’t risk opening it because where I had my vacation, there were kids and I’m scared they might tear the pages. So I fought the temptation of unwrapping the book from its seal.




This one is also an anticipated release so when I got my hands on it the day it was released, I couldn’t put it down. I devoured Stitch’s story immediately!


So those are my wrap up. Considering I just got out from reading slump and still feeling a little bit of it now, I can say not bad. I usually read around 4-6 books in a month. And having 3 in a month is okay for me. Still, I’ll try to get back to my rhythm. I know school has already started but since when did school stop me from reading my babies? 😉


How about you, bessies? How did you do with your wrap up?  Oh and how was your holiday break? And what are your plans this Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it? Let’s talk in the comments!


Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!




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