Diary: Is this an Unpopular Opinion or Pet Peeve?

Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


Okay. I don’t want to get to the topic right away here but I might lost the fire inside me in writing this post if I don’t get to the topic.


Just a little disclaimer: All the words written here are my own opinions and words. This post was made for me to rant and to release my frustrations. If I ever offended someone in this post, I apologize in advance. And if I somehow triggered you, please leave or unfollow if you like. I would understand.


As I was surfing one of my social media account, I noticed a post. Okay, it was a Facebook post in a Facebook group. There was this someone asking if a certain book is good or not. That’s a normal post, right? The person was just asking if a certain book is good or not. I get that. I got no issue about that.


My issue is the people in the comments section.


Bes, I really understand one book can’t please every single reader in the world. I understand that and I accepted that as well because I myself have books that I don’t like. What I didn’t understand is the comments of some of the readers in that group.


“That book is a waste of money.”

“It’s not worth reading.”

“Don’t read it. You’ll just waste your time.”




Now, stop right there. When you’re asked if a book is good or not, you answer if it’s good or bad. That’s it. Don’t say stuff like the ones above.


I know, I understand, those are opinions, and as what my friend said, criticisms. I know that because I do review books too. I know when you have opinions towards a book. But I don’t like it when readers decide for fellow readers.


I mean, just because it’s a waste of money to you doesn’t mean it would be a waste to some other readers. Just because it wasn’t worth reading to you doesn’t mean it would be too to other readers. No. You don’t get to decide for other readers. You put your opinion/reviews about the book and that’s it. You let the next reader decide whether to give it a chance or not.


I think that’s the whole purpose of reviewing books. To let other readers decide based on your opinions towards the book. Not to persuade them not to give the book a chance just because it was a total waste to you. Ugh!




I seriously felt frustrated when I read the comments saying that the book was not worth reading and saying it in a persuading way. Who are you to say that? And why would you say that?


“Maybe they’re not book bloggers to begin with and just plain readers.”


Bes, I don’t care if they’re book bloggers or booktubers or plain readers or whatever, they still don’t get to do that.


We are book reviewers. We review books to help other readers decide if the book is worth reading according to our thoughts and opinions. They decide the worth of the books. We don’t get to decide for them. So let’s not decide for them.


Whew! Now, that’s all out. Man. Okay. I feel good now. Anyways, I hope no one would hate me venting out this frustration.


giphy (5)

Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


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