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Book Review: A World in Blue by Danni Maxwell


Title: A World in Blue

Author: Danni Maxwell

Genre: Contemporary, LGBT+, Romance

Date Published: June 25th, 2018

Publisher: NineStar Press

Goodreads Rating: 4.25

Goodreads Synopsis:

At just eighteen years old, Oliver was offered a publishing deal. The very same day, he lost his mother to suicide. Two years later, he encounters a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. Never thinking he would write again, he is inspired once more.

Just as Oliver is launched into fame from the success of his book, the handsome stranger comes back into his life. His name is Blue and happens to be flirting with Oliver.


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Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


***I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. This doesn’t influence my review in any way.***



I won’t be summarizing the whole story because it is just a short story and I might cover the whole book. I know it’s a summary but most summaries I do are impromptu and based on what I remembered. In this case, I kind of remember everything.


First thoughts about this book, I love the concept of the protagonist being an author. There are few books that I’ve read where the main character is an author or writer and I’ve always wondered how those authors write their books like that. I’m amazed by it because I feel like it’s not easy. You can relate too much to the character you create I wonder if you ever kind of put yourself into their situation or vice versa.


Let’s start talking about the characters and let’s start with Oliver.


I find Oliver’s character as okay. He’s a great author as his books were immediately on top charts after release. He was described as sarcastic and witty but never funny. However, there are times that I find him funny. And the way he treats Blue is so cute. I just kind of didn’t like him around the almost end of the book, where there were confrontations and stuff. I mean, he’s making his life harder even if it’s just so easy. He worried and over think too much on things that aren’t supposed to be complicated. He’s torn, I understand. But he could just wear his big boy pants and face it rather than do as what he did. There’s a thrill on his secret but I don’t think it’s that hard to tell that kind of secret to the person you love and obviously trust. But then, I guess his way of revealing his secret is also a good idea.



Now let’s talk about Blue, Oliver’s boyfriend.


One word to describe this character is munchkin. Munchkins are cute. He is that cute! Like super duper I-wanna-pinch-your-cheeks-so-bad cute. And even though he was described as taller than Oliver, I find him small because he is so shy! And seriously! He is cute! There’s no other word to review Blue’s character but cute. Bye!



I love the story of this book. It has a unique concept. I’ve always wanted to read books about undercover author. Like you’re writing a book under a pseudonym and then people will talk about your book around you without them knowing that you’re the author of said book. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t openly share my Wattpad account. Aside from the fact that I’m terrified if someone sees my stories, I’m also kind of scared that they would judge me according to my stories. This part right here is where I can relate to Oliver when his manuscript was discovered by his half-sister and step-father.


It’s a great touch too that Oliver worked in a bookstore where he can see his books and hear people talk about his books. I liked that part of the story.


I’m not one who read gay books in the usual basis. And since I don’t read that many gay books, I find myself adjusting while reading this book. And I’m happy that this book took it easy on me.


The narration is good. It’s in third person POV but it’s not the type that is hard to follow. It was actually easy, so easy that I feel like flying through the pages. However, there are conversations that are confusing as to who said this line and who didn’t. There are lines that were told by Oliver but it was Blue’s name that follows. I mean, there was less indication of who said the lines that it made me confuse at times while reading it. There are also grammar errors (I think?) because there are sentences that confuse me and feel like there are words missing.


And it was the shortest epilogue I’ve ever read! But it was still good.


To wrap this up, this book is really cute and fluffy type of read. If you’re the type of reader who just wants a quick, cute, fluffy read, this book is perfect for you. Anyway, I recommend this. Read it bessies!












Hello Friends! My name is Danni, and I am a bookworm. I love to fangirl over books, tv shows, and basically everything. Probably everything. Definitely everything. I make ramble-y videos about books, bullet journalling, the occasional DIY, and writing videos. I want to share my stories and someday travel the world.


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What about you bessies? Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? Let’s talk in the comments!



Thanks for reading up to here, bessies! Love you all!



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