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Reading Update!!!

Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


Okay. Honestly, I don’t know how to write this post. It’s almost midnight here in my time zone and I just got this idea of having a reading update blog post, kind of get on with it, and now I don’t really know how to do this. xD


I got this idea from watching a video from one of my favorite booktuber Jesse @ JesseTheReader. And I thought, why not write a post? So here it is! Or here I am!


As few of you know, I am a certified mood reader.




I read certain types of books whenever I feel like reading that kind of books. That is the main reason why I don’t really plan my monthly TBRs because I would not follow them most of the time. And even though I’m a mood reader, I still get a lot of readings done. Well, a lot more maybe than those who aren’t mood readers? This is just my observation but doesn’t mean it could apply to everyone.


If I could include all, I mean ALL, the books I read in my monthly wrap up, I would probably finish my Goodreads challenge earlier than planned. Alas, there are things I read that are not books in Goodreads.


So this reading update is about sharing with you bessies what are my current reads. Yes, ‘are’ because there are quite a lot of them. And they are not just 5 or 6.


I’m going to divide this into three categories,

The physical, which are the paperbacks and hardbacks type of book, the ones that you could touch;

The eBook, which is already obvious; and

The Wattpad, which are the stories from the app. (Because I still read those and I’m a big fan.)


So let’s get started!


The Physical



Now these two are my active current reads. By active which means the ones I’m really reading and not the ones I put on hold.


These are the books I’m still reading but are on hold. I mean, I haven’t finished these books yet, not considering DNF-ing them either and still in my current read shelf. I’m already almost halfway to some of these books and some are just around the fifth chapter. I know. I was in the mood to read them at the time but then in a snap, my mood changed. Hehe.



The eBook


I am having a tour stop of this book this month so watch out for that!



I was curious about the hype of this book because it was a new release. And I heard that there’s a mermaid in her so I was on board immediately. But I’m kind of swaying out of the mood for this. I know I’ll be back eventually but not right now.



After reading Truthwitch, I immediately jumped into this thinking it has the same intensity of introduction as the first one. Turns out, not really. Still, I want to finish this cause I want to follow the series. Even though I’m not that into this books. Mehehe.


These two are reads that are in need of reviewing because they were given to me by the authors themselves. It’s been sitting in my current read in Goodreads for years. I mean the An Elegant Theory has been there for a year now while the Gumbo is already in its second year of sitting. Haha! Gosh. I really need to finish these two.


If the authors of these books somehow stumble upon this blog post please know that I will read and review your works. I apologize for not reading and reviewing it any sooner. But I promise to read and review this soon! I will email you once that happens!  ^-^”



This one is one of my first ARCs from Netgalley. Haha! I know. But I couldn’t access this book anymore because of the security blah-blah that got expired while I wasn’t reading it. I want to finish this because it seems interesting but I couldn’t read the copy the Netgalley sent me 2 years ago. So I guess I’m gonna have to find another way to read this. I will review this one too, I promise!



This is the July BOTM of Bookstagramers_PH! I’ve started it, liked it so far but still haven’t finished it. I will soon!



This one’s my oldest current read in Amazon Kindle. I still haven’t finished this one. I want to finish it but I’m still looking for that certain mood to come to me. Haha!



The Wattpad



I was in the mood for some gangster, mystery, action type of book so I read the Apostle Thirteen series. Turns out I wasn’t that in the mood anymore while reading the third book. Hehe



Still didn’t get the chance to finish this. It’s too high school I couldn’t stand it.


I would’ve finished these if the authors have finished updating the chapters.



This is my active current read in Wattpad. xP


These books are in the mystery genre so I want to read them once all the chapters are complete. As of now, the Dark Eyed Prince is still on-going. And I think the Science of Spying too though I’m not sure.



I’m considering not continuing this. I don’t think my mood for this will ever go back.



I feel like the author of this story is as moody of a writer as I am of a reader. I mean, sometimes this story goes hiatus and then it will update a handful of chapters and then hiatus again. Haha! I can’t complain because I perfectly know the feeling. xP




And that’s it! Wow! Okay! I did not expect to have them piled already! What! I feel like my current read is a big a pile as my TBR! What the!



Alright. I’m going to calm down a bit. Okay. That was a lot.


Now you know, being a mood reader is kind of both good and bad. Good because I’ve got freedom to jump from book to book if I want to. And bad because those books I jump into and left and didn’t come back actually piled up. In this case, I might consider actually signing up on a Beat that Backlist challenge, in my case beat that current reads.


So that’s it for this reading update, bessies! Even though I wasn’t expecting it to already pile, I don’t think I might be able to stop myself from jumping into another book after posting this. Sometimes I do it unconsciously so you can’t blame me! xD


Anyway, I also decided that I might include my Wattpad reads in my monthly wrap ups from now on. Or next month because I realized that I did not record the Wattpad stories I’ve read this month. So yeah, maybe next month. But they will definitely be in the wrap ups! 😀


How about you, bessies? Any reading updates? How are you in your challenges this year? Let’s talk in the comments!


Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


3 thoughts on “Reading Update!!!

  1. Heyaaaaa~ I feel you sa Apostle Thirteen, the Origin. Laban ang world war 2 nga timeline. 😂 Planning to read it once ma complete na nuon. 😂 sa Hera saaad, gibitin kog pinabongga! Wala ko kabalo ginabasa diay na nimo. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I might read Apostle Thirteen: The Origin if magbalik akong mood for gangster/mystery genre. XD And yes, I’m reading Hera because of its “hacking” concept. And it’s mystery pd and action, so I was sold. Dugay lng gyud siya kng mag-update. xP

      #stalker !! xD


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