July Wrap Up

Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


What the effing fing is going on?! It’s August already!!?? No! I find it hard to believe that those two months of school break are already over!!


I. Am. Freaking. Out!!!




But alas, really it’s the end of July. Enrollment for the new semester and school year starts this Monday, August 6th, and classes starts the next Monday, August 13th. I am not ready to start a new school year. Seriously I’m not. That’s why I’m freaking out.


Anyway, I did enjoy this month even though I spent most of the days stressing over a project I have no motivation making much less finishing. And even though I read fewer books than last month.


Here’s my July Wrap Up!


Rate: 4/5


Rate: 5/5 | Review


Rate: 3/5


Rate: 4/5 | Book Blog Tour (Review)


Rate: 5/5 | Review


Rate: 4/5 | Review


Rate: 4/5 | Blog Tour on August 6th



And that’s a wrap!!




I seriously felt guiltier this month every time I read books that’s why they’re fewer than last month. And I’m pretty sure it will be even fewer this August because I’m an incoming senior college this school year. Omg. I’m freaking out more now. I’m so close to graduation but I’m slacking! Gah! I need to get a grip and organize my life so I can graduate on time!!! Gosh!


Anyway, how did you do with your wrap up this month bessies? Good? Any favorites you see in my own wrap up? Let’s talk in the comments!!


Thanks for reading up to here, bessies! Love you all!


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