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What is happening to the owner of this blog? I Miss Blogging!!!!

Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


Okay! I miss blogging! It’s been a while since I wrote something other than my capstone project. It’s kind of a bit weird writing in an interactive manner again instead of technical and formal writing. I’ve been so used to writing stuff that has a lot of references and “according to” that I’m actually adjusting here.


Anyways, this blog post is an update! Not about my reading but about me, the author of this blog.


So school just started three weeks ago and I’ve been slapped with a lot of workload right after the very first day. I know, first few weeks of school should be a bit chill. However, that word doesn’t exist in my university when you’re a graduating student. Right from the start everything must be work, work, and more work. Especially that deadlines seem to just fly through us! What the–!


I have a lot of things to do, research papers to read, and a capstone project to edit and work on but I chose to have a little chill time of around 30 min to sit and write this blog post. How I love you, bessies.


I want to say I’m fine but that would be a bit lying. I’m not fine because I’m stressed and pressured. And I don’t think I have anyone to blame but myself. I’ve brought this upon myself!


I really want to de-stress but I don’t know how because like I said, I have a lot of work to do!


I keep saying those. I guess you really now understand how stressed, tired, and busy I am. I never even finished a book this month!



Just when I was getting back on my groove from that awful reading slump! I hate school! And I’m already in college.


I seriously can’t wait to finish this awful thing they call studying and get on the real world having epic jobs. I know what y’all might be saying, be careful what you wish for. But seriously? I’d rather face stressful jobs than face my capstone project every night and deal with other subjects the next morning. I wouldn’t even use those other subjects!



Well, I guess that’s just all my update about my life. I’m stressed and tired period. I wanna chill but I can’t because uni is being a bitch. I thought this blog post would get me to relax but it only made realize how many works I still need to do that are all due tomorrow and the next day, Thursday. So this is all for now. I will try my best to finish a book and post a review or try my more best to not cancel my other blog tours. I wanna keep the activities in my blog as much as I can. I just have to discipline myself and figure out a freaking time management system in my life. I can get through this. I hope.

What about you, bessies? How are you? Any life news? Let’s talk in the comments!


Thanks for reading up to here, bessies! Love you all!


2 thoughts on “What is happening to the owner of this blog? I Miss Blogging!!!!

  1. Sometimes we all need a break. I loved university, despite some challenges and time constraints, but you gotta do you. Know what I mean? Studying and acing those exams are way more important. Enjoy College/university life, cause after that, adulting is hard. 😜 we’ll still be here!!

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