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Book Review: Summer (Seasons Within #3) by Lele Iturrioz


Title: Summer (Seasons Within, #3)

Author: Lele Iturrioz

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

Date Published: July 15th 2019

Goodreads Rating: 5.00


For Gaia, Terra stopped being just a name, and now it’s a reality.
Haunted by Azazel’s last words and the painful loss of a loved one, Gaia will have to overcome the challenges of becoming Mother Nature while being stranded in a strange new world and feeling conflicted by her contradicting thoughts.

With the help of powerful Terrians, her human family and The Six, Gaia will embark towards an adventure where she’ll try to pass Terra’s Temples and claim her rightful place, but, would she be able to succeed without losing herself?


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Hiya bessies!!


Oh my! It’s been so long since I posted here. It’s been almost a year and I truly, truly miss blogging. I just finished my summer class and I effin passed! So what other way for me to reward myself than dive into a book and write a review about it; because I miss both reading and blogging. It’s just great timing that Lele contacted me and gave me a copy of her third book of Seasons Within!




Thank you, Lele! I waited a year for the third book and I’m excited!




Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. This will not influence my review in any way.


(If you want to read my review of the first book Seasons Within and the second book Spring, kindly click their titles.)


Anyway, let’s start the review!!


Where do I even begin? How about I start by saying I fckin miss the whole gang?

Yes! I miss Gaia’s squad! I miss their teamwork, humor, banter, teasing, and most especially their bond. It seems that their bond just got tighter.

Let’s start the character review with our girl, G, better known as Gaia, the Mother Nature to be. I kind of love that in this book it showed the effect on Gaia about what happened on the last parts of the last book. That all the bad that has happened on the last book really took a toll on her. Because it shows that she’s not as invincible as her powers and as others expect her to be. That she may be the powerful Mother Nature but she’s also just a normal Terrian who feels a lot and a normal, hormonal teenager as well. I love how her character have developed all throughout the three books. And also, I love how she matured and understood situations but at the same time didn’t change all the good things about her. I badly want to say that she is being a normal growing human but she’s a Terrian and I have not enough knowledge on how a normal growing Terrian should act. But I hope you get the point.




Let’s go to Edan. I like that the characters aren’t the only ones developing while this story goes; also my feelings towards Edan’s character as well. I remember hating him to the core at the first book of this series. And by the second, I fell in love with him. And in this book, bruh!




I gotta say, Kapetan surely now shows how he feels towards Gaia more than before. He’s clingy towards Gaia, the cuddle scenes always got me sighing and smiling as I imagine them; he’s not good with words so he shows her he loves her in actions and gesture, if you know what I mean.




All in all, I love Edan now. Despite the problems and issues he and G faced in this book, I love him. Because he doesn’t give up. I love him. And if Lele finds a way for me to love him even more, well, go Lele. I ain’t stopping you gurl! XD


Next is Priyam, and I’m just gonna include Floyd as well. What can I say? My ship sailed!!





And I love that Lele didn’t hold back on this ship. I love that there are a lot of FloYam (is that good enough name for a ship? No? Would you prefer PriYd?) scenes and moments in this book! I had a lot of kilig moments with these two.



(Tip: Those who do not know the word ‘kilig’, click here to know.)


Another ship that sailed and already preparing for their endgame, Shui and Veter (ShuTer?)! I love how Lele made Veter a hard giant outside but a soft bear inside especially when it comes to Shui. Also, can I just share? When I first read this series, I remembered it was said that Shui is Asian-like. So since then, I kept picturing her as that character in a cartoon series called The Adventure of Ladybug and Cat Noir.



I know Shui is fit and not like this but her face and personality is so like Shui. XD But then, I remembered Silvermist from Tinkerbell and I kinda feel like she fits even better to imagine as Shui. Not to mention they both are water weilder/fairy.


This book’s plot is about Gaia’s journey to completing the test of her elements. She did great and all that but what really got me shook is the plot twist in this book. I could say that I did not see that plot twist coming. It seriously took me by surprise that by the time it was revealed my was reaction was this



And then I just blinked and read the same parts over and over and when it finally sink in…




That was an amazing plot twist!!!!!


Also, why must you always end each book in cliffhangers? I both hate and love it. I hate it because duh, who doesn’t hate cliffhangers; but I also love it because it pumps me up to read the next book. It says it will be released next year, 2020, so I am so excited!!


Anyways, let’s go to the narration. It is still in third person point of view and I gotta say, I’m a first person POV type of reader because I feel like I read those POVs faster than other types. However, I received my copy of the book on August 1st, and I finished it on August 3rd. That’s how comfortable and smooth Lele’s way of narration in this book is.


However, there are still typos in this book. Though it’s not a lot, it’s still enough to be noticed. That’s been a comment of mine since the first book. I hope the next book will have fewer typos. 🙂


To wrap this up, I would really recommend this book! If you’re the type of reader who loves fantasy with elemental magic and a lot of adventure and action packed scenes plus kilig romance, this series is perfect for you!












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And that’s it for this book review, bessies! Wow! I really miss writing reviews and posting it in my blog! I felt like I only write technical writing stuff and coding ever since I went hiatus in this blog. Hopefully the future of my university life will be brighter. I’m gonna declare it now, I’m going to graduate next year!! Hopefully!


What about you, bessies? Have you read this series? What do you think about it? What’s your favorite parts? Let’s talk in the comments!



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