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Wattpad Review: Knight Velasquez (Possessive Men #21) by C.C.

knight velasquez Title: Knight Velasquez (Possessive Men #21)

Author: C.C.

Genre: Romance, Action, Adult


Knight Velasquez doesn’t know the word ‘No’. What he wants, he gets. As a Spaniard Count from a Noble Family, he was taught that people with no Royal Bloodline and no Royal Status in the society are beneath him. He was made to believe that to control people around him, it is necessary to lie and pretend.

And he’s good at it.

His father’s words: Never show your true color. Never let anyone see behind the mask you use.

He already perfected the art of lying and pretending, until she cam into his life.

Suddenly, he was thrown off and confused as hell.

And slowly, his mask fell.







Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


So I think this is gonna be my first review from the Possessive Men series even though I’ve been reading the book since late 2016. I have a lot of things to say about Knight’s story so this might be a little bit long.


Let’s start!


This book is about a guy named Knight Velasquez, I mean the book is titled after his name. However! There is more to the story than just being about Knight.


You see, Knight has been playing cameo roles in the books that had come before him. He’s known in the series as the “sinto-sinto” or the weird one. And Knight has been in the series for as long as I can remember that I got curious about how his story is gonna go through. So when the author finally wrote his story, I got excited.


My plan was to have Inang (That’s what we call the author of the series even though her pen name is C.C.) finish the whole book first before jumping into it. However, I’ve been so curious and excited that I only got until the 20th Chapter update before I started reading.


And all I could say is, I love Knight’s story so much!!




I gotta admit, Knight is not my most favorite character in the whole PS Men series. (It’s Phoenix. Pareho kami ni Inang. Hihi) But Knight’s story became my favorite. Of course it’s a factor that Knight’s story is the longest story, both in timeline and chapters, in all of PS Men history, with a whooping 120 chapters -that doesn’t include the 2 prologues and the epilogue and the special chapters.


What I like about Knight’s story is the redemption of his character. You see, Knight saw himself as a monster and a slave to his father’s commands. In a way, seeing himself that way, he lost confidence in himself and found himself not worthy of anything. But his development throughout the book is so great that it shows that even though you are at your rock bottom, you can still stand up and walk again.


He sacrificed a lot of things just to protect the people he loves and cherish, but still, he doesn’t see himself worthy of their adoration. And that right there is a deeper trauma than anyone realizes. He’s seriously having so many issues and not enough help to keep him at bay. I say that he’s one of the most resilient characters I know and that if all those things that have happened to Knight actually happened to a real person, I don’t think they could survive. And I am happy that he found someone at the most perfect time to help him back up.


All I gotta say is Knight is a deeper character than anyone could imagine. He is more than just the sinto-sinto and weird Count from Spain.


Now let’s talk about his other half, Sweet Monday. 


I gotta say, SM’s level of being an understanding person is what I aspire to be. Legit! She is the most understanding wife for me. She knows when to step in and help and when to stay away. She is so patient. Very manipulative but she only manipulates if she sees that it’s for your own good.


There are also times where I can relate to SM. Times where I can totally understand her reactions in some situations. Despite being very understanding, she is still a human being bound to feel emotions that one can’t contain.


I love how she managed to help Knight in more ways than she realized. She helped Knight battle not just his father but also his inner demons. And that is the most important for me. I mean, what’s the use of defeating Knight’s father if Knight himself isn’t mentally stable. Sweet Monday helped Knight bring back the peace in his thoughts and in his heart. It was a long and slow battle but they won.


And the bond in this story, not just Knight and SM’s bond but the whole team and the other characters. Seriously, this book’s story of friendship is the strongest I’ve ever known. I’ve read a lot of books about friendship but nothing beats the friendship of the Lunatics Squad.


I won’t be reviewing all the characters like I usually do because in this book, there are a lot of characters. So it’s just Knight and SM.


Let’s talk about the story.


I gotta say, Inang is the mother of obvious foreshadowing. Inang is very generous in giving clues that by the time the plot twist is there, 1 of my 3 theories is right.



And it’s an action-packed book which I love so much. She made both the main characters badasses. If you’ve been here in my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love badass women. And Inang made SM one of the most badass women I know, in mind, body, and mentality. And I love how Inang made this book low-key about women empowerment. The villain has a serious issue about women taking control. And I love that the women in this book gave him an in-your-face battle.

“Oh you think women aren’t fit to be in control? You think women are there simply to give you heir and to be fucked by men like you? You’re wrong, motherfucker. Because these women are QUEENS!!!”


Yaaas!! Women can be badass!!


I can’t go deeper on the story because I don’t wanna spoil. You just have to know that the story is awesome and is packed with action, mystery, comedy, romance, and of course sex. Lot’s of it.


To wrap this is up, this is an amazing story. Not just about love but about everything else; friendship, family, bond, redemption, and a lot more. I would totally recommend this to you, bessies. I mean, to my Filipino bessies since this is written in the local language of the Philippines.












She’s an exclusive writer of Precious Pages, under RedLine Media Publishing and LIB Bare with a pen-name “C.C.”.



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Thanks for reading up to here, bessies! What about you? Have you read any other Wattpad stories? What are your recommendations? Let’s talk in the comments!



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