My name is Jannin! I’m a girl studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and I’m currently residing in the beautiful islands of Philippines!




I’ve loved reading ever since I’m just a year old –kidding! But my mother told me that I once act like reading a political flyer when I was just a baby and just started learning how to talk. I don’t know when my love of reading really began but when I was eleven years old I read my very first book (or it was a pocketbook by a local author) –I still can’t forget about the story of the book. After that first try of reading, I fell in love with books! I’m an imaginative kind of girl so I really love reading and hates seeing books with pictures.


When I reach high school I was introduced to this thing called ebooks. Basically, they are just stories saved as txt format. After that, I was introduced to Wattpad. And my love for reading was being solved by that app.

However, the book that really introduced to the kinds of books I’m reading now was the series by Rick Riordan, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series. I loved that series so much that I managed to finish the whole PJO series in a week, 5 days. And then I immediately jumped to the next series and I’ve been a fan of Riordan ever since. And I also started exploring other book titles and I stumbled on the books that are now my favorite books of all time.

So I started saving money to start collecting books. And I still do save for books.

I hope you’ll enjoy what you read in this blog. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about my posts. I’m an open-minded person. Let’s be friends!



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