Book Review Policy

Welcome to the Policy area of my blog!

If you’re an author interested in hearing my thoughts about your book, here are my terms. 🙂


I never turn a book review offer down. I always accept them. However, it would be a matter of whether I’ll read them or not.

I mostly read the book immediately if  it caught my interest at the very first sentence of the first chapter.

I accept books in exchange of an honest review. And honest by means really honest. And I do my best to write my reviews spoiler free. I understand that some readers doesn’t want to be spoiled.

I accept most kinds of genre. I accept Y.A, Dystopian, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, and even Erotica! If ever I see a genre I don’t feel like accepting, I’ll let you, the author, know about it. But most of the times, I accept even the weirdest combinations of genres.

I accept ARCs and/or eARCs. Also eBooks and/or physical books if it’s already been released.

I accept books from all kinds of authors whether indie author or popular author.

I accept books with deadlines. Just be sure to give that book to me a couple of weeks before the deadline. I’m a mood reader so I hope you’d understand that I read what I want to read whenever I feel like reading them.

I post my reviews here in this blog. Also in Goodreads if your book is available in there. Because I still have no history of buying anything from Amazon, I can’t post any reviews in there. Free books are not considered a purchase in Amazon. So it’s just Goodreads and my blog for now. Don’t worry, I am active in social media platforms so there’d be no problems when it comes to advertising, promoting, and recommending your books. I’d do them there.



Just a little suggestion from me, I would really prefer print books. I can take a picture of printed books which makes me able to share the book in my social media account which could really help in promoting a book. I spend most of my time in Instagram and Twitter sharing some of my favorite books so if I have a physical copy of a book, I can take a picture of it and then share my little review about it in any of my social media accounts.


Book Review Rate

I rate books according to these mechanics:

  • Story/Plot of the book
  • Way of narration or way of writing of the book
  • Connection between reader and characters

I could update that mechanics according to the genre of the book I’m reading but I won’t post it here anymore.

My ratings are here,


2 – it’s not my cup of tea, or not my style and I don’t like it.

3 –it is my cup of tea but I didn’t quite like it. Or it’s not my cup of tea but I like it a little. There are variations in this rating where I couldn’t quite explain precisely here but will explain in my review.

4 –I like it so much. The story amazes me because it’s a good one. I connected with the character so much. It’s good but it wasn’t enough to make it to the perfect rate. There was nothing in the book that could give me a reason to give it a perfect rate.

5 –I love it!! The story is great! There was something inside the book that made me give it a perfect rate! The adventure in the book is great that it blew me away! Perfect rate doesn’t mean a perfect story or book. I swear perfect rated books deserve them, in my review, that is.

DNF – I just started DNF-ing books I do not like. Do not worry about this because I don’t give up on books that easily. I usually DNF a book when I’m already halfway in and I still can’t grasp what’s happening or if there’s nothing happening at all. And because it’s a Did-Not-Finish review, there will be no rating for this. And I will justify the reason I DNF a book in my review.



I’ve added a .5 on my rating. This means that the book I read exceeds just a little bit on the things mentioned above. Just a little, not enough to earn another dragon (star) rate.


As you all noticed I don’t have a rate of 1. That’s because I don’t rate 1 on all the books I review. I never rate a 1. Why? It’s not mercy I tell you. You must all understand that writing a book itself is a very hard job. I give credit to the author for writing a book. I’m an author myself. I may not be a big kind of author but I still know how hard it is to write a book. Starting a book sure is easy but continuing it up to its end is quite hard. So yeah. Just by writing a book and letting me read and review it is enough to give you a rate of more than 1.

My motto?

No book deserve a rate of 1.


Happy to help you with your book! More power to you!