Book Review Policy

I never turn a book review offer down. I always accept them. And I always read them immediately. But there are seasons that I can’t accept books to review even if I wanted to. Just like exam seasons. But of course, as long as I’m not announcing that I can’t accept books to review yet, I am very much accepting them.

I accept books in exchange of an honest review. And honest by means really honest.

I accept all kinds of genre and I mean ALL. I accept Y.A, Dystopian, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, and even Erotica!

I accept ARCs and/or eARCs. Also eBooks and/or physical books if it’s already been released.

I accept books from all kinds of authors whether indie author or popular author.

I accept books with deadlines. Just know that I read books in ‘First Come. First Serve’ basis but if the book has deadline, I’ll read that book first.

I post my reviews here in this blog and to my other blogs! (You can find my other blogs in my ‘About’ page) Also in Goodreads if your book is available in there. Because I still have no history of buying anything from Amazon, I can’t post any reviews in there. Free books are not considered a purchase in Amazon. So it’s just Goodreads and maybe someday, Kobo and many others.



Just a little suggestion from me, I would really prefer print books. I can take a picture of printed books which makes me able to share the book in my social media account which could really help in promoting a book. I spend most of my time in Instagram and Twitter sharing some of my favorite books so if I have a physical copy of a book, I can take a picture of it and then share my little review about it in any of my social media accounts.


Book Review Rate

I rate books according to these mechanics:

  • Story/Plot of the book
  • Way of narration or way of writing of the book
  • Connection between reader and characters

I could update that mechanics according to the genre of the book I’m reading but I won’t post it here anymore.

My ratings are here,

2 – it’s not my cup of tea, or not my style and I don’t like it.

3 –it is my cup of tea but I didn’t quite like it. Or it’s not my cup of tea but I like it a little. There are variations in this rating where I couldn’t quite explain precisely here but will explain in my review.

4 –I like it so much. The story amazes me because it’s a good one. I connected with the character so much. It’s good but it wasn’t enough to make it to the perfect rate. There was nothing in the book that could give me a reason to give it a perfect rate.

5 –I love it!! The story is great! There was something inside the book that made me give it a perfect rate! The adventure in the book is great that it blew me away! Perfect rate doesn’t mean a perfect story or book. I swear perfect rated books deserve them, in my review, that is.

As you all noticed I don’t have a rate of 1. That’s because I don’t rate 1 on all the books I review. I never rate a 1. Why? You must all understand that writing a book itself is a very hard job. I give credit to the author for writing a book. I’m an author myself. I may not be a big kind of author but I still know how hard it is to write a book. Starting a book sure is easy but continuing it up to its end is quite hard. So yeah. Just by writing a book and letting me read and review it is enough to give you a rate of more than 1.

My motto?

No book deserve a rate of 1.

Happy to help you with your book! More power to you!