Monday Learning

Monday Learning (Lesson #4): Do you Believe that First Impression Last?

Hiya bessies!


How are you all?


Welcome to another lesson of Monday Learning!!


We’re now on the fourth lesson! Yay! Haha! But today, I do not think that this is a proper lesson because, well, I’m not actually teaching you anything. This is going to be just a short post. I just want to learn from you bessies on what your stand with the lesson’s title. Do you believe that first impression last?


First, what is a first impression?


Well, I think that’s actually self explanatory. The question is first impression of what? It’s not what but whom. Do you believe that your first impression towards a person last?


For me, no, I don’t think that first impression last. But from my personal experiences, most of my first impressions were actually a spot on. So they last. The thing about impressions though is that you need to see people in order to have them. I don’t think you can have a first impression towards someone you haven’t met yet. Unless a friend of you is talking about that someone, like they pop out whenever someone tells a story. You know, situations like that. 😀


However, during my elementary (grade school) years, most of my friends’ first impression towards me is that I’m mean. Because your bessy right here has an unfortunate gift of a resting bitch face. They’re a bit scared and intimidated to approach me because of that face. At first I’m not aware that I have the resting bitch face but as I grow old, I just realize that yeah, my resting bitch face is kind of intimidating. Not to mention that during elementary years I don’t smile a lot so it adds up to the intimidating aura.


So I decided to smile a lot and be friendly during my high school years. But still, it came out like I’m smiling because I’m planning some schemes. Haha! But then when they finally get to know me, they say that I’m actually a nice person. And then I say in my head, “You don’t know me yet.” Haha!


Still, that proves that first impressions sometimes do not last.



So, what’s your say with this bessies? What are your friends’ first impressions towards you? Let’s talk in the comments bessies! I wanna know!



That’s it for this lesson which is not technically a lesson but I wanna learn from you bessies. I wanna learn from you for a change. XD



Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


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