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Book Blog Tour(Review + Giveaway (US/CAN)): Amid Stars and Darkness by Chani Lynn Feener


Title: Amid Stars and Darkness

Author: Chani Lynn Feener

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Date Published: July 18th 2017

Publisher: Swoon Reads

Goodreads Rating: 4.0


Delaney’s entire world is thrown into chaos after she is mistaken for Lissa Olena, an alien princess hiding out on Earth in order to escape an arranged marriage.

Kidnapped by the princess’s head bodyguard, Ruckus, and imprisoned in an alien palace, Delaney is forced to impersonate the princess until Olena can be found. If she fails, it will lead to an alien war and the eventual enslavement of the entire human race.

No pressure or anything.

Factor in Trystan, the princess’s terrifying betrothed who is intent on unraveling all her secrets, and her own growing feelings for Ruckus, and Delaney is in way over her head.

Get lost Amid Stars and Darkness, in this YA sci-fi romance from debut author Chani Lynn Feener.




Hiya bessies!

How are you all?


Welcome to my stop of the tour of Amid Stars and Darkness!


Without further ado, let’s start!


This book is about Delaney who got kidnapped due to mistaken identity, they thought she was the runaway princess. In order to keep everyone in having a war, Delaney needed to act like the princess and let everyone think that she’s returned home. But then she met the princess’ betrothed and it made her impersonation a little bit complicated. Add that to her growing attraction to the Commander who kidnapped her, her life just got a lot more complicated.


First thought about this book, aliens and humans interacting together, that’s new. Though I honestly kind of forgot the alien part of this book. You see, when I request for a book tour, I sometimes forget what the book I requested was about unless I’m already familiar with it. And yeah, I kind of forgot the alien part of this book but hey, it was one of the things I love about reading, when I have no idea what I was reading and let it surprise me.


I wanna talk about the characters first. Let’s talk about our main hero, Delaney Grace.

I like her character. She’s feisty, brave, and she’s a bit wild when it comes to rules and authority. Though it wasn’t her job to protect the Earth, she still did. However, she sometimes bore me. Well maybe not sometimes but it wasn’t also most of the times. There are just parts of the book that she really bore me. If it wasn’t for other characters or situations, I would’ve not continue reading it.


Let’s go to Ruckus, the Ander, or Commander, who kidnapped Delaney.

Okay. I don’t know what to feel towards this guy. He didn’t left an impact to me. If he wasn’t the Ander, I wouldn’t feel his character at all. I don’t know why he came out as a dull character to me. Just like Delaney, he bore me. There’s nothing in him that fascinates me, nothing in him that made me want to swoon over him. Just, meh.


Then there’s Trystan, Prince of Kints.

I also don’t know why but Trystan was the only character that I find interesting. He’s mysterious, and mean, and yeah, he’s also a douche. So I don’t know exactly why I find him interesting at all. Haha! But he’s the reason why I finished reading the book and probably the reason why I will read the next book. I want to know how he was connected to the rebellion or if he’s connected at all, why. He reminded me of Nehemia from Throne of Glass, somehow. Haha!


Now let’s go to the story.

It was a great story. There was a bit of mystery in it. And it has an amazing concept that I got hooked immediately. Though there was a romance in it, I didn’t quite felt it because I was so fascinated by the gadgets and other things in it, like new inventions, new species, science stuff. It was amazing how Chani somehow created a scientific explanation to telepathy if it were possible.

Then there was the problem about Delaney’s freedom. Delaney has nothing to do with the planet that kidnapped her, if she was a selfish person, she wouldn’t agree with the deal that got handed to her and the planet could be damned for all she cares. But then she’s not a selfish person and the least the King and the Queen could do to her is treat her nicely and not threaten her with Earth being enslaved if she won’t cooperate. Instead, she was left alone without proper guidance and proper knowledge about the planet she’s in and then toss her there to deal with stuff that needs dealing. Seriously wtf.

And then the ending. I knew the ending was too good to be true. I knew it. So I was kind of still looking for something even as I was reading the epilogue. But then I was thinking that this book is a standalone so what could possibly still be wrong? And then I reached the last sentence and my reaction was like


Legit! Now I can’t wait to read the next book! I am so curious about Trystan! It was him on that last page and on that last sentence. I need to know why! And I don’t know how long I will wait to find out. I just hope not just long.

To wrap this up, the story is great bessies. I’m not that into alien reads, and I think this is my first alien read, but it’s a good story. I would recommend you bessy should this read this.








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Chani Lynn Feener has wanted to be a writer since the age of ten during fifth grade story time. She majored in Creative Writing at Johnson State College in Vermont, and graduated in 2012. To pay her bills, she has worked many odd jobs, including, but not limited to, telemarketing, order picking in a warehouse, and filling ink cartridges. When she isn’t writing, she’s binging TV shows, drawing, or frequenting zoos/aquariums. Chani is the author of Amid Stars and Darkness and the teen paranormal series the Underworld Saga, originally written under the penname Tempest C. Avery. She currently resides in Connecticut.

Blog | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram



So that’s it for this blog tour! What do you think bessies? Have you read this book? If you have, what are your thoughts?


Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!




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