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Book Review: The Harbinger (The Fray Theory #1.1) by Nelou Keramati

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Title: The Harbinger (Th Fray Theory #1.1)

Author: Nelou Keramati

Genre: NA, Sci-Fi

Goodreads Rating: 4.58


Synopsis (Goodreads): What happened three years ago?

Dylan Sterling is an anomaly who dreams of events before they happen. But over the years, this peculiar gift has transformed into a curse. A dark curse in the form of a strange man who haunts him. Hunts him. Kills him.

But unlike other people, even once Dylan has awakened from a nightmare, the agony of torture clings to his skin. The horror of his own brutal murder continues to resonate with him. Pain, it seems, has long become the status quo. That is until a recurring

nightmare reveals a clue that might help him unveil the truth of his ‘condition’.

The race against time has begun, and with each passing day, the boundaries between dream and reality are becoming more and more muddled. And unless he can solve this mystery, he’ll stand to lose even more than he thought possible.




Hiya bessies!


How are you all?


If you bessies remembered a long, long time ago, as I was still starting this blog, I posted a book review about a book entitled The Fray Theory: Resonancy by Nelou Keramati. It was an unforgettable book for me because it was my very first ARC ever since I joined the book blogging community. And I was so excited to read and was blown away after doing so. If you want to know about The Fray Theory, go here to read my review about it and then here to be redirected to its Goodreads page.


I just wanna say thank you to Nelou, the author, for giving me a copy of this novella. This was supposed to be an ARC but then… the explanation is in the middle of the review. XD Anyway, this review is not biased in any way.


Alright, let’s start this review on this book!


The Harbinger is a novella of The Fray Theory series. This book is set before the happenings in the first one. It explained a lot of things about the first book. The Fray Theory is being narrated by Neve, Romer, and Dylan but mostly it is narrated by Neve. And The Harbinger is narrated by Dylan, the whole book. It tackles about what kind of best friend he is to Romer and what kind of boyfriend he is to Neve and it explains why he was gone for a couple of years.


Bes, can I just say how amazing of an author Nelou is? Her books are so amazing! I’ve said this before in her other book and I will say it again in this one; I’ve never read a book like this before!


Her books have the most unique stories, plot, and concept. Her books have that kind of writing that not just connect to the readers but also make you learn something, like, literally you can learn something from her books. It’s really amazing how her degree connected to her books.


This book doesn’t have the same amount of action and mystery and discovery than the Fray Theory because it is only a novella. However, if you’ve read the first book this novella is a huge help in understanding some of the parts in the Fray Theory.


Unlike any other books I’ve read, this one needs to be read in straight full attention. It doesn’t require a critical analysis but it requires you to pay full attention because, bes, even the littlest things in here matters. If you did not understand the first chapters, you will not understand the whole story at all. But if you actually understood the whole story, my, you will be blown away.


I was so excited when Neve gave me the ARC of The Harbinger. I couldn’t wait to read it immediately. However, the timing was so bad that when I received the copy, I was so busy with school because it was around mid terms and then I was so distracted by other things that I don’t want to read this one for I don’t want to read it with divided attention. Like I said, this one needs to be read straight and with full attention. So it took me just around this time to read and finish it. And bes, I was glad that I waited this long to read it because it was worth it.


While reading The Fray Theory, I was having mixed feelings towards Dylan. I was leaning more on not liking him all throughout the book. But then when I read this one, I understood why he is the way he is. I finally understood his side. But I am still Team Romer! Haha!! I like Dylan now but Romer will always be my bae. XD


And there’s Neve. Bes, she matured big time in The Fray Theory because during The Harbinger she’s all cute and bubbly. Like during those days in The Harbinger, she’s all smiles and laughter and just simply enjoying life with Dylan and other things. But during The Fray Theory, three years after The Harbinger, she’s different. She’s matured a lot and she became badass after three years!!! Haha!


Let’s go to the narration. I do not have any problems with the narration. It’s in third person narration and concentrates on Dylan’s point of view. It’s easy to understand. 😀


To wrap this up, this book is really good. But you need to read the Fray Theory if you’re gonna read this. You could read this first before reading the first book or read them in vice versa. That’s up to you. But I promise you, if you read this one, prepare your mind to be blown –because it will. That’s how amazing this series is. I’m not exaggerating. I thought the people who reviewed this book before were exaggerating too but no they are not. Read this and then find it out yourself.


I can’t wait to read the next book of this series! I’m just so excited!













Nelou Keramati is the author of the Science Fiction/Fantasy series, The Fray Theory.
Following studies in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, she obtained her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Upon obtaining her Masters in Architecture, she once again switched gears to pursue acting, art, and writing.

She loves traveling, working on film sets, and spending quality time with friends and family. In her spare time, she indulges in digital painting, watching her favorite shows, and adding to her collection of vintage typewriters and rotary phones.



That’s it for this review bessies! What do you think? Will you be reading this series? will you give it a shot? Let’s talk in the comments!


Thanks for reading up to here bessies! Love you all!


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